The 18 Year Anniversary Offers & Prize Draw

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October is the Anniversary of the month my life changed forever back in 2000. It was where I let go of a lifetime's worth of crap, embraced personal development, and got #PhotoReading off the shelf and into incredible action. I have decided to share the TranceFormation opportunity with some very special offers and a free to enter PhotoReading Prize Draw.

Anniversary Offers
Grab Your Anniversary Halloween Offers!

Carve 18% Off Coaching Session and Online Program Prices

To celebrate there is 18% off Breakthrough Coaching Sessions, Readings (Angel Tarot, Soul Plan, Archetypal Profile), and my 28-Day eCoaching Programs (The Magic & Gratitude, Limitless NeuroSuccess, Money Breakthrough, Synchronicity Supercharger).

There is also 18% off if you wanted to book join my Online #MembershipGroup as an Annual or Lifetime Member.

I haven't set up a separate page, just drop me an email and I'll send you a PayPal link or bank details for whichever Session or eCoaching Course you want to do :

You can view the various Programs and Coaching options here:

There isn't anything on the page about Breakthrough Sessions because they now are by appointment only however you can read a bit about them here:

The Online PhotoReading DVD Prize Draw

I have also set up an Anniversary Prize Draw for this month where you can win Lifetime Access to my 1-Day Online PhotoReading Video Training.

Anniversary Offer Prize Draw
The Anniversary Prize Draw - You've got to be in it to win it!

It's a simple click to enter to be in with a chance and even multiple chances. Go to:

What can you expect from the PhotoReading DVD Training?

A business owner and entrepreneur who recently purchased the Online DVD said:

“Regarding ebooks and other electronic forms of reading... It is covered in her program. I recommend you check it out if you haven't already! I just purchased her program and I am already getting great value from it!”

Other participants have said it felt like "Being right there in the room with us" and "being like a fly on the wall" where they were able to fully participate in everything as though they were with us in person.

You will find further information about the DVD Training prize here:

Here's to a #LifeChanging and #GameChanger month of October and beyond.

Marilyn Devonish

Link to Some of the Sessions on Offer

Membership Group:
Limitless NeuroSuccess:
The Magic:

Soul Plan Reading:

Angel Tarot Reading:

Archetypal Profile:

For a wider overview visit the Online Shop:

This offer does not include the Live PhotoReading Workshop or the Live Video Webinar PhotoReading Training each of which have previously had set early booking offers.

Use the form below to email me with any questions or queries and get your 18% off link:

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