Are You a Struggling Chartered Accountancy Student or Business Professional?

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PhotoReading Client Facts #1

I thought it would be fun to run through a compendium of the amazing and life-changing things that have happened for my PhotoReading clients over the years starting with Accountancy because that is where my journey of TranceFormation started.

The list of success stories and wonderful experiences is extremely long so this is going to a journey through and over time.

From 1 Accountancy Book in 2 Months to Just 18 Hours

This was an attendee who was struggling with their ACCA Chartered Accountancy Exams. It was taking them 2 months just to read one book, nevermind all the notetaking and test papers that come thereafter.

After completing the PhotoReading Workshop they got that down to just 18 hours including their notetaking, and of course got faster from there.

Morena said:

“Hi Marilyn,
Hope you are well
I just wanted to give you an update on my Photoreading experience. I would like to share it but I don't think other people will really get it at this stage...
You may remember that I have this big task of preparing for three Accountancy exams coming up in June.
I'm still feel that I have a lot to improve in terms of my technique, but comparing to my previous experience where I would take over a month just to go through each study book and then another month for the practice exercises.
This time I managed to Photoread (and Activate) the first book in a week (18hrs). It is still a lot if you compare to experienced Photoreaders but for me, it's been really magic. And I also have my mind maps (I never had the 'time' to make notes on my previous studies) and I can get through them if I have questions on my next stage which will be the exam practice questions.
I still have the other two books to go but I feel really confident and I think my technique is improving as I use it. I am also more able to concentrate, more focused and more in contact with my inner mind through my dreams... And this is just the beginning!
Hope you'll have a lovely rest of week!
Kind regards,

From Struggle to Continued Success

I got this message from Morena 4 years later in 2016:

“Hi Marilyn, I hope you are well. It has been a while since I've done your Photoreading course but I came across your profile so I thought I'd say hello and connect with you here in LinkedIn. Kind regards,” - Morena Russell ACCA

I immediately noticed the ACCA in their signature!

Morena is now a Chartered Accountant, and when we spoke they said PhotoReading was a part of that and they still recommend it to undergrads.

And you don't have to be struggling, you may simply want to accelerate, enhance, and dramatically improve your performance levels in whatever industry or job you are in.

Your Starter for 10

It all starts with relaxation and what I call getting into the Accelerated Learning State.

In a nutshell you relax your breathing, get into expanded awareness, get a fixed and central point of focus, and set your Purpose. I recommend it as a state of being for going into exams, job interviews, presentations, networking, and when doing live speeches and public speaking gigs.

I've shared more about this in my Bonus PhotoReading Intro Webinar, the link to which is at the end of this Blog.

From Panic to Calm and Focused

This state really is a game changer for so many. Below is the quote from one of my clients who had failed their professional Counselling exam:

PhotoReading Exam Calm
From Exam Panic to Calm and Focused

They went from panic mode to "Calm and Focused" having taken themselves through my 1-Day Online PhotoReading DVD Course.

From Nerves and Anxiety to Success
From Interview Nerves and Anxiety to Success

If you've ever had nerves or anxiety before an exam, interview or presentation read this:

From Success to Even Greater Success

You don't need to be struggling to benefit from PhotoReading, Accelerated Learning and NeuroSuccess, you might simply want to increase your productivity, next level your professional skills, keep on top of and abreast of your industry, and dramatically improve and even halve the time it takes you to wade through information and get things done.

“Marilyn I don’t know what you’ve done to me! I’ve moved so far from where I was 2 months ago when I did the (PhotoReading) course, and got so much more than just PhotoReading. Thank you!”

This was from a PhotoReading Workshop attendee and Coaching client who worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland in the IT Department. Prior to the course she was afraid of speaking up in meetings or voicing her opinion.

Royal Bank of Scotland Client Testimonial
From a PhotoReading Client at Royal Bank of Scotland, IT Division

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Does PhotoReading Really Work?

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