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I've had a few questions about the new online global 1-day PhotoReading Refresher Workshop so below are the answers.

When is the new 1-Day Refresher Course?

The date will be agreed with those taking up the pre-launch, and launch offers. For those who want to attend the interactive Webinar live, we will choose a date everyone can do.

Which time zone are we in?

I am in England, UK so it will be GMT. For my contacts out in the United States I use

What are the Workshop timings?

The course will typically run from 10am-5.30pm, however I will also agree that with the early adopters.

How can you sign up for the Workshop?

First off the Workshop isn't open to everyone. You must have completed the 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop Certification class because there's no point doing a "refresher" if you haven't taken the main Workshop.

To book your place at the pre-launch price of £67 if it is still available at the time you're reading this go to:

Initial price after launch is £250.

When does the pre-launch price end?

The £67 pre-launch price ends on Sunday.

Where can you find information about the 3-Day PhotoReading Workshop?

You have 2 options for the Certification Class if you haven't yet attended. You can either:

Attend my live Workshop in the UK, 20-minutes outside of London on the train. Go to: Click the big red button for any early booking prices.

Take the full 3-Day Workshop via on-demand Video Webinar. Go to:

Comparisons between attending the live Workshop and taking Marilyn's class online:

What Results Have My PhotoReaders Had?

The short video below gives an overview of some of the industries, age groups, and professions that have attended my classes over the past 18 years. I have also posted a few Blog links were you will find further information.

PhotoReading Client Results and Blog Posts

From Rocket Scientists to 11 year old students . . . . . . .

Feedback from Team of Rocket Scientists at Cranfield University MOD Base

Reversing Brain Damage:

Interview Success:

From Struggle to Acing the ACCA:

From Failure to Flying Colours:

PhotoReading Without Seeing:

The Results Keep on Working:

It does more than it says in the tin . . . . .

Whether you're reading for business, pleasure, or studying to next level your skills, PhotoReading helps you get it done easily and in record time.

Real People. Real Results.

If you have any further questions or queries email: or use the Contact Form below:

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