Coronavirus: Does Online Coaching and Therapy Work?

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Does online Coaching and Therapy work? My answer in a nutshell is: “Yes. Very well ...... When it is done correctly.”

Just as art doesn’t always translate well from stage to screen and vice versa, there is an art to getting long-term results online.

Offering Online Services Since 2005

My name is Marilyn Devonish, I have been a Coach and Multi-Disciplinary Therapist for the past 20 years, and running Coaching, Therapy, and Group Training sessions Online since 2005.

As one of my Online TranceFormation Program clients put it:

“It does what it says on the tin. My life is TranceFormed.”

In this Blog I give an overview of:

  1. Key Considerations when working online
  2. Online Case Studies
  3. Teaching Others How to Transition to Working Online
  4. Where and How Do Online Sessions Take Place
  5. How to Book an Online Session
  6. How to Deal with Online Interviews - My Article in The Guardian Newspaper
  7. Suggested Resources
  8. Contact Information and Next Steps

1. Key Considerations

Over the past 15 years I’ve been TranceForming the lives of my clients remotely and online I have learnt a LOT about the online process. Key starting points for those conducting online Sessions include:

  1. Not everything translates online, so it’s not always a case of just doing exactly what you did before the pandemic. There will be things which are obvious, others come through rigorous testing, trial and error, and experience.
  2. Good and relevant technology is key. Get this wrong and it severely detracts from the session, and dominates it. I discuss the platforms and tech in my 1-Day On-Demand Practitioner Insider Secret’s Video Webinar Workshop.
  3. Have clear case studies of how the processes work online that have been tried and tested; a few of mine are below. This gives your clients a sense of confidence that it hasn’t just been put online in a rush.
  4. Use dynamic rather than passive energy, even when running something like a meditation session.

If as a client you have never considered Online Coaching, Therapy Sessions, or Training courses, I have outlined a few case studies below to give you an idea of what to expect, and included a couple of testimonial videos.

2. Online Case Studies

Although at the point this jaw-dropping incident happened, I knew energy travelled, however this was one of my first ‘tangible’ client experiences.

From Suicidal to Peace and Calm

I got a phone call from a friend. She was drunk and suicidal and called me to say she was going to kill herself and wanted to say goodbye. I asked if she could hold off killing herself till he next day, and in the meantime I would send her some Huna. I had been on client site all day, working on a major Smart and Flexible Working installation project the DfT; the Department for Transport in London, and when she called was I was on a tight handover deadline writing a Remote and Flexible Working proposal for another big Central Government office. I finished around 1am and fell asleep. Suddenly I woke up around 3am thinking: “Oh my goodness! I didn’t send the Huna” so I sat up in bed, thought of my friend, and did the Huna Energy Clearing Symbols in the air, then went back to sleep.

OMG . . . . . .

The next morning there was an email from her apologising and saying after a bad relationship break up she hadn’t eaten or slept properly for the past few months. She then said:

“This is the point where you probably tell me I’m crazy, but around 3am I suddenly felt calm, and peaceful, and had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in months!”

I recounted the crazy story of what happened with my falling asleep, and waking up to do the late night Huna. She described the exact energy and symbols I had sent over, however would have know nothing about them at this time because I had not run any Huna Workshops back then. This was a good 15+ years ago, and was my first tangible inkling of how powerfully you can work remotely and truly ‘offline.’

I recently launched an online Huna mp3 Subscription Series. For the pre-launch this month it is £7 to join. Go to:

I Want My Life Back

Another of my online Coaching and Therapy clients shared:

"I wanted to get back to my old self after a head injury and The TranceFormation Programme has been like a a tonic for me. Marilyn has picked me up, shaken me around and helped me to see a brighter future. Marilyn’s energy, knowledge and the ability to challenge me to move forward has been the basis of my life changes. The mix of modalities has helped me to discover more about who I am, and how to be the best version of me both now and in the future. I recommend Marilyn as a personal coach and mentor."

You can hear my client below explain in her own words; not brilliant visuals, however, as I said, I’ve been working online for a long time, so this testimonial was filmed in the days before fancy iPhone cameras!

My Life Has Been TranceFormed

Another client from one of my Online Coaching Programs shared:

"Marilyn was running it for a start, somebody who I met many many years ago and I followed her with interest.  I jumped at it without a second thought, in fact I did think that the price you were offering it at was really cheap but I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth!

It’s been brilliant, absolutely brilliant; Marilyn has been like the rocket to launch me into the stratosphere.  I thought I was flying but there is nothing like seeing things from a rocket point of view but now something now seems clear.  Even though I thought I was confident, I didn’t really feel confident inside, everyone thought I was confident because that was the exterior that I gave them but after these sessions I know I am the dogs nuts! 

It is just about having the time to dedicate to yourself, to look at yourself and have that coach lead you to think about things, look at things, and give you alternative ways of looking at things because that gives the answers that you already have.  Sometimes it was revealing to me that I already knew the answers."

As for the TranceFormation Programme, it does what it does what says on the tin.  I am transformed. 

I know that life if a lot more exciting, I think there’s something to learn every day, it is just absolutely fabulous, the links that are coming through, totally inspired.  It’s just made me notice more and take on board the messages that you are sometimes receiving and probably before this I was just going through the motions and watching it and or listening to something, where now I hear and I see because things are a lot clearer.  It’s like the scales have dropped off my eyes because I thought I was seeing but it’s like getting a new pair of glasses and now life is like HD vision!"  SENIOR LOCAL AUTHORITY MANAGER 

You can hear part of her story, in her own words, below. Apologies for the sound, we just happened to meet up at an event so it was an impromptu recording.

Full 1-Day Online Workshops

One of my clients took herself through my 1-Day Fearless Public Speaking Video Webinar Workshop over Christmas. She said:

"For those of you who were asking me about my big talk in January and shared my joy that I was so happy with how it had gone...
Marilyn Devonish is the awesome lady that enabled me to breathe, think and talk all at the same time - and now - you can do it too!
Whether you get nervous in social settings, on social media, speaking in one to one settings, small groups or big stages ... these techniques work..I’m tapping into what I learned almost every day now ... what’s holding you back from sharing your passions or knowledge.. ?" Rachel C-k
Educator, Natural Life Coach, Awesome Mama, Oil Lover

The online class Rachel took is here:

I have got clients as far afield as Australia, Canada, the United States, and across Europe, the majority of which I have never met in person. We do however feel as though we know each other.

3. Teaching Other Practitioners How to Work Online

I also teach other Coaches, Practitioners, Consultants and Therapists how to move their practices from offline to online, and how to create and structure Workshops, eCoaching Programs, talks.

I had attendees take part who had previously attended my in-person Workshops. A small selection of their feedback is below:

"It has been really fantastic. It has gone into great depth and I thought I would miss the live room but this is very good."
“I thought I might miss the live in-person room too but it was huge amounts of fun.”

Attendees also said:

"Have learnt lots, really practical - thank you Marilyn and Winnie too!"

"What an amazing workshop, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your time and energy and to everyone else who is out there."

"Thank you again - really enjoyed it."

You can find out more about the Online Practitioner Insider Secrets Workshop here:

4. Where and How Do Online Sessions Take Place?

When I first started 15 years ago I did mainly telephone Sessions. We then had the introduction of Skype, which I still use. I also have a Private Online Meeting Room:

For my Live Online, and On-Demand Video Webinar Workshops and Corporate Training Sessions I use BigMarker.

I also have an Online Conference and Expo Platform for Hosting Corporate Events of upto 100,000 people. It includes the Main Stage, Unlimited Private and Open Breakout Rooms, AI Powered Speed Networking, and interactive real-time Sponsorship Booths. You can find further information at:

In terms of how the Sessions take place, a one-off Session is 1-hour. For clients doing a Breakthrough Session, or taking part in my TranceFormation Program, the Sessions can be 2-3 hours, which trust me really does fly by!

To Commission or Host an event using my Platform space book a free Consultation:

I still offer telephone Coaching Sessions for those who prefer not to get caught up in technology.

5. How to Deal with Online Interviews

Organisations, Recruitment Consultants, and candidates now face a new set of rules and parameters. I was interviewed by The Guardian Newspaper. You can read the full article and my strategies and tips here:

If you have been feeling the strain of furlough, working from home, self isolation, and lockdown, you can read more of my media and newspaper articles at:

6. How to Book an Online Session

I use an online booking Platform for scheduling Coaching and Therapy Sessions. To schedule a free 20-Minute Consultation go to:

A free trial link is in the Suggested Resources section below.

7. Suggested Resources

Below are the Platforms and I use and recommend.

BigMarker Webinar Platform Free Trial:

Online Client Booking System:

Corporate Expo Platform Pre-Launch Early Access:

Funnel Building and Sales Platform Software - Special Launch Price:

I discuss all 30+ programs, packages, and Apps I recommend as part of my Online Practitioner Insider Secrets Workshop.

If you’re one of the people nervous about public speaking, or hate being on camera, check out my latest Blog where I share a few of my favourite starter tips:

8. Next Steps and Contact Information

If you have been climbing the walls since being in lockdown and in self isolation and either want some online TranceFormation, or looking to next level your skills, a few of my most popular Online Programs and Courses are below:

1-Day On-Demand Huna Video Webinar Workshop:

Fearless Public Speaking 1-Day Video Webinar Workshop:

3-Day PhotoReading Online Video Webinar Certification Class Course Overview

3-Day PhotoReading Online Certification Video Webinar Workshop Instant Access:

1-Day Practitioner Insider Secrets Video Webinar Workshop:

Brain TranceFormation Free Intro Webinar:

Healing Heartbreak Audio Coaching Program:

I’ve got a few more things to add to this Blog, so you might want to bookmark the page.

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