Students & Professionals. Want to Come of Out of Lockdown Better Than You Went In?

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Anyone got children, or taking professional exams and want to come out of lockdown homeschooling even better and more equipped than you went in?

The email below is from one of my PhotoReading clients out in Australia. She sent it to me a few weeks ago. The family took my Online PhotoReading Accelerated Learning Workshop back in March, and their daughters have been doing brilliantly both academically, and with their practical pursuits.

Homeschooling PhotoReading Success Story
Another PhotoReading Student Success Story

I've had students reverse the effects of dyslexia, dyspraxia, and even brain damage after just a few hours.

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Transatlantic Homeschooling

I worked with a family out in Australia during the pandemic; I’m in the UK. They were due to fly to London and attend my PhotoReading Workshop in March 2020 however it coincided as we all now know was the global Covid19 lockdown, so I ran the event as a livestream and Video Webinar Coaching Sessions instead.

I asked their mum if she could share a few of the success story highlights of what their children have achieved over the past 3 months with using the PhotoReading:

Transcript of the email is below in case the attached picture is too small to read:

“A couple of examples of feedback of Photoreading.
1. B Photoread her history test and did the tangerine and expanded awareness and she got 73%
2. B did tangerine and expanded awareness for her maths test and got 51/50
3. B did tangerine and asked for her best session ever with hockey and that’s exactly what the coach said to her at the end of the session.
4. S did her tangerine before horse riding and did her 360 vision and had the best horse riding session ever.
Hope this gives you something to work with

The Workshop is also available on-demand via:

Marilyn Devonish

Flexible Working Implementation Consultant & Certified PhotoReading Instructor since 2002

Entrepreneurs and Employees

It's also brilliant for entrepreneurs and employees who want to increase their critical thinking and decision making skills, creativity, focus, memory, productivity, strategic thinking, deal with overwhelm, etc.

When is it time for you to join us and learn this life-changing skill?
Imagine reading 8 books in an hour AND compiling a piece of work?

Next Level Your Entire Family

Below is feedback from a family who flew in from Europe to attend the PhotoReading Workshop as a family.


“Hi Marilyn,
Sitting at the airport, waiting for our flight back home. Just wanted to send you a big heartfelt thank you for the wonderful past three days at the PhotoReading seminar! All five of us very much enjoyed it and the kids fee super grateful for all they learned the past days on PhotoReading, but also on all the other elements you managed to interweave with the seminar material.
Besides the direct learning I feel it brought us closer together as a family doing the seminar with the five of us. I’m expecting this to be the starting point for a lifelong journey of self-development for our kids, while Eva and I will continue our journey together with them.
Hoping to stay in touch and looking forward to meeting you soon again!
PhotoReading Workshop Attendee Feedback, 11 Years Old


“Dear Marilyn, you were an awesome teacher. You helped me so much. I thought that I couldn’t read fast but I was wrong. You also helped me so much being a better person and feeling better about myself
I liked that we played games because sometimes it can help you remember things. I love the help from Marilyn it was so helpful. Your Huna was awesome, it feels nice to see things from different cultures.
It was fantastic for me. I don’t think that you need to change anything. It was wonderful and incredible and helpful.” PHOTOREADING WORKSHOP ATTENDEE, AGE 11

Imagine having that kind of opportunity for self-exploration at age 11? I had to wait until I was 32 for my first glimpse that life could be different, and start gaining confidence in myself, my abilities,


“I am quite a stressed person and I don’t really feel comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas . . . but this program taught me how to relax and it was a really nice and peaceful environment.
It is not only a PhotoReading training but self-development too!
Thank you for being a great enthusiastic mentor! I could really relate to your past self so I’m hopeful + ambitious to develop and achieve at least ½ as much as you have.” TEENAGE PHOTOREADING ATTENDEE

It truly is a life-changing skill and way of being.


“This is more than just learning PhotoReading, you have a social engagement with other people and it is a spiritual/mental massage. AMAZING. No other words.” TEENAGER GAMER PHOTOREADING ATTENDEE

When the somewhat reserved and laid back teenage boy who was far more interested in being elsewhere and gaming is lost for words.


“Thank you so much for allowing our kids to join as it was a magical training to acquire new skills but also to create a deeper connection and bring some magic to our family.” MOTHER OF 3, PHOTOREADNG ATTENDEE

Tangible Measurable Results

From London to Australia; More Incredible Transatlantic Online Results

A Diverse Demographic

I’ve had everyone from students, Doctors, Accountants, Marketing Execs, Crystal Healers, Coaches, Consultants, Electricians, Entrepreneurs, Lawyers, and everyone attend the PhotoReading over the 18 years I have been an Instructor. The video below gives you an overview of attendees and their incredible results.

The Ripple Effect Game Changer - Invest 5 Minutes and Press Play
“Gained knowledge beyond being able to read faster. This will benefit me in ALL areas of my life.
It was all pretty perfect.
I am inspired by your energy, achievements from starting where you started on your personal development journey to your amazing transformation. I am encouraged that I will achieve the same level of greatness.” ELECTRICIAN & ENTREPRENEUR

A Skill for All Ages

These are skills which the whole family benefit from, and it transforms the way they think, learn, manage stress and anxiety, and process information, whilst also enhancing and improving creativity, critical thinking and decision-making skills, study technique, focus, concentration, and exam technique and results.

One of my 50-something year old PhotoReading Workshop attendees

From Stress to Passing with Flying Colours

I’ve had stressed out students go from failing their exams, to passing with flying colours after just a few hours of working together, so it really is possible to come out of lockdown ahead of the game, and in better shape and more knowledgeable than when the pandemic started.

A TOTAL TranceFormation in a Weekend!

Learn PhotoReading in Your Time and Your Way

There are several options to choose from, including the On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop which means you can get started as-soon-as today.

Online PhotoReading Certification Course speed reading
On-Demand. Online. Instant Access. Learning Your Way.

On-Demand Online

I have been teaching the PhotoReading Workshop as an Online Video Webinar Certification Class for several years. For on-demand instant access go to:

PhotoReading Live Workshop with Marilyn Devonish
PhotoReading Live Workshop with Marilyn Devonish

Live Workshop

Post-lockdown you can join us in person. You will find further information and Q&A at:

PhotoReading Home Study Course Dr Paul Scheele
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PhotoReading Testimonial for Marilyn Devonish from Lynette Ayres
Lynette was the Global PhotoReading Instructor

About Your Instructor Marilyn Devonish

"Wow, Marilyn I think you should laminate your report and hang it on your wall!! What incredible comments and they don't surprise me one bit!
You have are-and always have been-a totally "present" instructor. You create such a fantastic environment and have such high energy. How can your participants NOT learn :-) "


Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach, Certified PhotoReading Instructor
Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach & Flexible Working Implementation Consultant

Marilyn Devonish (Mini) Biography

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess™ Coach, is a Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, NLP Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Offline and Online Workshop Facilitator, Freelance Writer, Flexible Working Implementation Consultant, and Certified Multi-Disciplinary Therapist.

A Personal Trainer for Your Brain, she specialises in blending aspects of neuroscience with personal development to make accelerated performance more easily accessible to all. Marilyn is also the Founder of TranceFormations™, a Coaching, Training and Consultancy organisation committed to creating impactful and lasting rapid transformation and change.

Her journey into these disciplines started with being diagnosed with what they thought to be early onset Alzheimer’s in her 20s, and contemplating suicide in her 30s. Having found a quick, easy, and lasting way to turn that diagnosis and things around 19 years ago, she has been working with both individuals and organisations since then to help accelerate their potential and performance.

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