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When I say this is #LifeChanging and a #GameChanger for both children and adults I don't make that statement lightly . . . . . .

“I liked that we played games because sometimes it can help you remember things. I love the help from Marilyn it was so helpful. Your huna was awesome, it feels nice to see things from different cultures.
It was fantastic for me. I don’t think that you need to change anything. It was wonderful and incredible and helpful.
Dear Marilyn, you were an awesome teacher. You helped me so much. I thought that I couldn’t read fast but I was wrong. You also helped me so much being a better person and feeling better about myself.” PhotoReading Workshop Attendee, Age 11
PhotoReading Testimonial Age 11

One of the teenagers attending said:

"I am quite a stressed person and I don’t really feel comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas . . . but this program taught me how to relax and it was a really nice and peaceful environment.
It is not only a PhotoReading training but self-development too!
Thank you for being a great enthusiastic mentor! I could really relate to your past self so I’m hopeful + ambitious to develop and achieve at least ½ as much as you have.”

One of the adults attending the same Workshop said:

“Gained knowledge beyond being able to read faster. This will benefit me in ALL areas of my life.
It was all pretty perfect.
I am inspired by your energy, achievements from starting where you started on your personal development journey to your amazing transformation. I am encouraged that I will achieve the same level of greatness.”


Children and teenagers and adults alike leave my PhotoReading Workshop with a deeper sense of self and confidence. What an absolute gift after an investment of just 2.5 days.

It is heart warming to sit and read through the feedback forms after the event. The PhotoReading Master Trainer Lynette Ayres summed it up for me many years ago with her feedback on one of my early annual reviews when I was just starting out as a PhotoReading Instructor. She said:

Marilyn Devonish PhotoReading Instructor Review Report
Marilyn's PhotoReading Instructor Review from Master Trainer Lynette Ayres
"Wow, Marilyn I think you should laminate your report and hang it on your wall!! What incredible comments and they don't surprise me one bit!
You have are-and always have been-a totally "present" instructor. You create such a fantastic environment and have such high energy. How can your participants NOT learn :-) "


#WOW all round I think.

Thank you so much to everyone who has invested in attending a class. Do please continue to share because without people hearing from you about how life changing it is, it isn't possible to keep running the classes.

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Here's to your continued PhotoReading and beyond success.

Marilyn Devonish
The #NeuroSuccess Coach


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