We Now Have a TranceFormations Digital Loyalty Card!!!!

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This is something I have wanted to do for many years, however it was too complex and complicated to develop and track. Technology, however, has now caught up with my vision, and I am pleased to announce the launch of the TranceFormations Digital Loyalty Card.

TranceFormations Digital Loyalty Card QR Code

How Do You Collect or Earn Points?

With each purchase of a paid workshop, paid coaching session, paid therapy session, including Huna, Future Life Progression, and Breakthrough Sessions, paid online workshops, or purchase of an on-demand video webinar class, you will receive 1 point.

Additional points may be added during the year at the card issuers discretion.

How to Sign Up for Your Free Digital Loyalty Card

How Does the Loyalty Card Work?

There is nothing for you to download, the online card is added to your phone wallet when you sign up. Points will be added electronically for online purchases, and in person via the card scanner if attending an in-person workshop. (Those attending the 2022 in-person PhotoReading Workshop will receive 2 bonus points upon arrival).

What’s the Reward?

A full card entitles the cardholder to a free 1-hour Coaching Session with Marilyn Devonish.

What Are the Interim Rewards and Bonuses?

There are (secret) milestone points built into the card. When you reach them you will be notified via ‘push notification’ and/or email.

The interim bonuses included exclusive product discount codes, 30-minute Coaching Sessions with Marilyn Devonish, Bonus Tarot Readings, Huna Sessions, and access to exclusive recordings.

What Are Paid Referrals?

If someone your refer signs up for a Loyalty Card and makes a purchase with TranceFormationsTM, you will recieve 1 addition bonus point.

How Do You Join the TranceFormations Loyalty Card Program?

There are 2 ways to sign up for the Loyalty Program.

Join Using the QR Code

  1. Open the camera on your phone.
  2. Scan the QR code.

It will take you to the sign up page.

Loyalty Card QR Card TranceFormations
Open your camera and scan the QR code above to sign up

Join Using the URL

Scan the QR code above, or go to: https://cutt.ly/1Fgfy0d

Thank You

Thank you for your custom and for signing up. It is wonderful to now have a way to reward that and say “thank you.”

Thank you for signing up for the digital Loyalty Card

Also keep an eye on my eNewsletter because you’ll be able to pick up additional bonus points throughout the year.

There will also be additional bonus points available if you’re part of my new online community space. CLICK HERE for your invitation.

Loyalty Card Terms and Conditions

1. Get 1 stamp for each purchase or paid referral.*

2. Collect 12 stamps to fill the reward card.

3. Card, stamps and rewards valid for 10 years from date of registration or cessation of the program, whichever comes sooner.

4. Stamps or rewards cannot be exchanged, returned, replaced, bought, or redeemed for cash, and have no monetary value.

5. Cards cannot be transferred or combined with other cards or promotions.

6. Issuing company has the right to refuse services.

7. Telephone number and D.O.B fields are optional although required for any birthday bonus points.

8. In cases of improper use the card may be cancelled.

9. We reserve the right to cancel, change or amend this program at any time.

10. With submission of this registration form the cardholder shall accept these terms for use of the TranceFormations Loyalty Card.

* Additional interim bonus points and reward opportunities may be run throughout the year via the Marilyn Devonish eNewsletter.

Register now and start saving.

Contact Information

For further information contact Marilyn Devonish

Email: marilyn@tranceformationstm.com

Main Website: https://www.tranceformationstm.com

Blog: https://marilyndevonish.com

Online Coaching Bookings & Free Consultations: https://bookme.name/marilyndevonish

Online Workshops and eLearning: https://tranceformationstm.newzenler.com

Loyalty Card Rewards Card Terms and Conditions