Coronavirus in Business & Education - What to do When You Can't Travel

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GSMA official statement: “With due regard to the safe and healthy environment in Barcelona and the host country today, the GSMA has cancelled MWC Barcelona 2020 because the global concern regarding the coronavirus outbreak, travel concern and other circumstances, make it impossible for the GSMA to hold the event." John Hoffman, CEO

If your business has been hit by travel bans, or you need to self-isolate, and continue with your learning and development, hold client meetings, and attend events, or study for exams, without travelling, read on!

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Marilyn Devonish BBC Radio Interviews

Marilyn was recently interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live about:

  • Flexible working and how to work efficiently from home.
  • Effective Ways to Manage Remote Workers.
  • How to juggle flexible working when you have kids at home.
  • The opportunities for utilising technology take the offline online.
The Marilyn Devonish BBC Radio Interview on Flexible Working

BBC Radio Interview 1

The link to my first interview with BBC Radio 5 Live is below. It's a recorded soundbite from a wider conversation:

The segment they used for the first interview is 15 minutes into the recording.

BBC Radio Interview 2

The link my second live interview with BBC Radio 5 Live is: I am 30 minutes into the show.

Marilyn Devonish, Flexible Working Implementation* Consultant since 2003

* That means going into organisations to help them design and implement Flexible, Smart and Remote Working Solutions and Programs. I have also been working from home for the past 20 years.

In this Blog I cover:

  1. The corporate closures and expo and event cancellations, and your one-stop, safe to use instant access virtual alternatives for Expos and Conferences.
  2. How to manage self isolation and remote working.
  3. The threats to schools and colleges, and an educational alternative to ensure your exam preparation doesn't suffer as a result.
  4. Overcoming the psychological barriers to virtual learning and online events.
  5. Hosting online virtual Meetings, Events, Workshops, Conferences, and Expos.
  6. How to register The Truth About the Coronovirus free Video Webinar with Doctor of Immunology and Nurse Practitioner MSc.

BREAKING NEWS! Global Health Conference for 42,000 People. Cancelled.

On 5th March the Global Health Conference, after talks with the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), announced that it was necessary to cancel the Global Health Conference and Exhibition. Last year the event was said to play host to 42,000 visitors.

The event was due to take place from 9th-13th March in Orlando Florida.

The same event could still still happen online using the solutions outlined in this Blog.

Global Shutdown Solutions

First came the news that Italy is to close and schools and colleges across the country for two weeks in a attempt to control the spread of the coronavirus.

coronavirus shuts down schools and colleges in Italy

This was followed less than an hour later with the Breaking News the UK Government is considering whether to close and schools and colleges.

Exams are just weeks away, so these threats, disruptions, and closures come at a crucial time for students, the results of which could impact their lives for years and even decades to come.

The number of outbreaks around the world also continue to rise, adding to the uncertainty and disruption. If you have cancelled events because of the pandemic, read on. I have shared the platforms I use. I can also work with you to Host your online Conferences, Workshops, and Events.

This was followed by news of $8.3 billion dollars in emergency aid being released by the Washington State, USA.

1. Corporate Coronavirus - Event Alternatives

With big organisations like the Mobile World Congress organised by the GSMA cancelling industry expos, conventions, this article shares an alternative approach to keep your business running, clients engaged, and staff training continuity.

Forget Airport, Waiting Times and Coronavirus Scare - Take Part Online

The Online Expo

Last year I launched the first of my Online Expo events which operate like events such as the Mobile World Congress, and the Global Health Conference, in a virtual format.

With the Online Expo Platform we have:

The Main Stage where you watch the Keynote Speaker Presentations.

Breakout Rooms for smaller talks, satellite sessions, and where participants can meet with the Speaker and chat amongst themselves both on video and via the Chat Room.

Speed Networking where you can meet one-to-one with other participants using technology to match you with the next person virtually walking around the Expo who has put themselves forward for a chat. You also get to exchange virtual business cards if both parties mutually agree and hit the green button.

Reception Room where you get your bearings and find out what is coming up next.

Sponsor Booths where event sponsors present video presentations and speak to interested prospects and participants.

Attendee Breakout Rooms where expo participants can sit around the virtual table and host their own Video Webinar and Live Chat meetings.

When organising Online Expo Events for clients we can accommodate up to 100,000 attendees. Use the email contact form below to discuss Hosting a Virtual Expo or Conference.

The platform I use for hosting Expos is HERE

Expo Attendee and Speaker Responses

"It was wonderful. Thank you so much Marilyn Devonish for being the best virtual M.C." Anne Jirsch, Author & Creator of Future Life Progression

"What a wonderful day. So Marilyn organised a FLP Online Expo Taster and it was awesome.
Next, in a couple of months, she’s going to organise an even bigger FLP Expo for you all.
Watch out for the dates. I look forward to seeing you all there.
Carole Clift Ritchie, Future Life Progression Trainer

"#FLPExpoOnline has just finished and it was absolutely brilliant. The speakers Marilyn Devonish, Carol Ritchie, Wendy Fry & Anne Jirsch were wonderful with lots of interesting information. Looking forward to the next one which I'm sure will have more guest speakers, so thank you very much Marilyn for setting it up today's #FLPExpo and the next future one 🙏😇 x"

If you are planning to host virtual conferences and events, get in touch for a Scoping Session using the Free Consultation link below.

Video Webinar Workshops and Meetings

I started recreating my in-person Workshops as both live and on-demand Video Webinar events back in 2017.

One of the attendees at my first virtual Workshop said:

"It has been really fantastic. It has gone into great depth and I thought I would miss the live room but this is very good."

She had previously attended Part 1 of the Workshop as a live event, and had the same dynamic interaction during the Video Webinar version.

For live Video Webinar Workshops and Meetings we can accommodate 1,000 real-time attendees, and an unlimited number if accessing the on-demand replay recordings.

For staff who have to self isolate, this is the perfect solution for delivering online meetings, training events, workshops, and coaching sessions.

My Video Broadcast Platforms

The platform I use for hosting these types of smaller meetings and webinars is BigMarker.

Use the contact form below if you would like to commision and design online Workshops, Training Courses, Executive Coaching Sessions for your staff, or host virtual meetings for up to 1,000 attendees.

This is the platform I use for broadcasting live to Facebook for more informal meetings. CLICK HERE

2. Self Isolation

For those needing to self isolate and work at home for the first time, and managers finding themselves facing the challenge of remote staff, Marilyn Devonish has been a Remote, Smart, and Flexible Working Consultant for the past 17 years.

Some of her recent articles are below if you're looking for hints, tips, and ideas:

People Management:


3. An Educational Alternative for School and College Closures

For those in education, the news of schools and colleges shutting down in the crucial weeks before exam season is a devastating blow for some once the euphoria of not having to attend lectures has worn off, and the reality of the situation sinks in.

Online Learning Examples and Remote Client Feedback

I have been offering the the 1-Day PhotoReading Accelerated Learning Video DVD for around 6 years and students have had incredible results. Sieta in the quote below failed her first exams so took herself through my 1-Day Online Video DVD Workshop:

PhotoReading Video DVD Student

"When it come to me sitting my exams a few weeks later I was calm and focused. Thank you Marilyn, this is totally inspiring." Sieta Jones re studying for her professional Counselling Exams and the results of PhotoReading.

Global PhotoReading 3-Day Online Certification Class

For the first time anywhere in the world, and in the 39 year history of PhotoReading, the full 3-day Online PhotoReading Certification Workshop with Marilyn Devonish is now available via on-demand Video Webinar.

PhotoReading Video Webinar Attendee Feedback

"Inspiring, creative, intensive, engaging, brilliant." PhotoReading Video Webinar Attendee

Your exam preparation and studies don't need to suffer due to the closures, and as per the student testimonials above, you will actually benefit from investing the time in taking a PhotoReading Class because I've had students go from unclassified and failing, to passing exams with flying colours as a result of attending my PhotoReading Classes.

PhotoReading in School

Below is a testimonial from Queens Park Community School where I ran PhotoReading Modules during their enrichments time sessions, with fantastic results.

There's also no need to board a plane, train, bus, tube, or commute beyond your living room. Simply click the link and you are ready to enroll. CLICK HERE to start today.

For full information about PhotoReading go to:

The Timeline of My Online Digital and eLearning Evolution

Moving into eLearning and digital learning wasn't a coronavirus move, I started researching and investing in this journey 15 years ago.

2005: Started running international Teleseminars and telephone and Skype Coaching.

2013: Launched my first global eCoaching Program.

2015: Started researching how to transition over to online programs.

2016: Launched my online Membership Group, supported by an online Resource Centre, and private Facebook Group.

2018: Started running Video Webinar Workshops and Training Courses; replicating my in-person Workshops online.

2019/2020: Launched my full eLearning Platform, offering both personal development training, and business L&D Workshops, audio programs, and training courses.

Understanding the Technology

The technology and complications surrounding it has in past been an issue which put people off. The good news is that nowadays, from an attendee perspective it is usually nothing more than clicking a link, or the touch of a button.

From an organisational standpoint, I also offer everything from online Video Webinar Training Courses and Workshops, through to full service Online Expos, with Main Stage, Breakout Rooms, Speed Networking, Real-time Video Chat, having designed, built, and run these types of online events.

When Hosting Video Webinar Workshops and Events CLICK HERE for the platform I use.

For my interactive Facebook live videos CLICK HERE for the platform I use.

I understand the technology so you don't have to.

4. Overcoming the Psychological Barriers

Although many know some of these solutions exist, they have possibly been reluctant to implement because they're not sure how the offline translates to online, how to keep people engaged, the logistics of how to set them up, and how to compensate for the loss of being in a room together, all of which I also specialise in from a psychological point of view, having done it and achieved amazing results for almost 2 decades.

Below is a quote from one of my first virtual Workshop attendees:

Online Video Webinar Workshop Attendee

It translates across the pond:

"Just watched the fabulous Marilyn Devonish on her webinar - man she's awesome!" Tracey Lorenson, Lawyer, Canada

5. A Unique Opportunity to Lead the Way

The coronavirus outbreak puts vast benefits of digital learning and eLearning into focus. Interactive Learning, Video Webinars, Skype Consultancy, and Online Expos offer so many avenues and a great opportunity to lead the field in corporate learning and development.

Get in touch with Marilyn Devonish if you require practical advice and to help your business and teams conduct business as usual and host online virtual events.

6. The Truth About the Coronavirus Live Video Webinar

I had a client meeting with a Doctor of Immunology and MSc in Advanced Nurse Practitioning this week. We were talking about the #Coronavirus #CoV some of the common myths, misconceptions, crazy practices, and also where the general public are unfortunately being misinformed.

I asked if she would be willing to do a video Webinar sharing the truth about this virus, the transmission of the infection, how to know if you’re symptomatic, precautionary measures you can take, and answer submitted questions.

She told me about the incubation period for instance, which is why many don’t realise they’ve got it until they have travelled around the world and are asymptomatic, i.e., no symptoms, until it is too late and they have passed on the virus.

To book your virtual place and get your questions answered go to:

Once you have registered you can submit a question. I will send a quick anonymous survey out in advance of the event.

Online and Virtual Event Services

Marilyn Devonish has been an Event Manager for over 30 years, her first Event Management job was for ICL at their Training Centre in Old Windsor, as her Business Degree industrial placement year. Since then, Event Manager roles have included working for Centaur Publishing as a Conference Producer and Manager, ABN Amro as Global Event Coordinator, and managing 5,000 person personal development conferences and events for international speakers.

Services available include:

  • Designing and delivering online Workshops and Training Courses.
  • Online Coaching Sessions.
  • Setting up and Hosting Online Expos and Conference.
  • Hosting Video Webinar Sessions and Meetings.
  • Virtual Training and Consultancy Sessions.

About Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess™ and Rapid TranceFormation™ Coach, is a Keynote Speaker, Off and Online Workshop Facilitator, Freelance Writer, Corporate Trainer, and Management Consultant, designing and delivering corporate Workshops, Training Courses, Leadership Development Programs, and facilitating staff team building events, conflict resolution sessions, and corporate away days. Marilyn has worked as a Management Consultant, Prince2 Project Manager, Flexible Working Consultant, and Change Management Specialist since 2003.

She is also Multi-Disciplinary Therapist which includes Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy, Soul Plan Reader, Future Life Progression, Tarot Reader, and Archetypal Profile Consultant. Marilyn is the Founder of TranceFormations™, a Coaching, Training and Consultancy organisation committed to creating impactful and lasting rapid transformation and change.

She went from making a big career choice which proved to be a mistake, being terrified of public speaking up until age 32 to learning to love it within a matter of days, and from what was thought to be early onset Alzheimer's to teaching PhotoReading Accelerated Learning, and for the past 20 years has been teaching others how to quickly and easily change and TranceForm their lives and do the same.


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