Do You Want to Create Yet Don't Know How?

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How to create instant creativity and get your ideas out into the world.

Does one of the following 7 barriers resonate with you?

This is an idea my friends have benefitted from for years if not decades. They talk, and while they talk I show them how they can take their taken for granted knowledge and skills and ideas and turn it into a Product, Course, or Workshop. It is also something I have a knack for.

Creativity and Flow in Action
Workshop and Process Design

It often happens just in regular conversation where I hear the gem of an idea that they often haven't even thought of doing anything with.

I've been deep in introspection and #Intention setting mode this past 3 days, and also put the process in place for signals and signs for noticing where it is the right time to bring them to fruition.

Something just happened in one of the #technology groups I am in where it was right there again in glorious technicolour so I figure no time like the present.

Do Any of These Apply to You?

So, does one of the following fit with and describe you:

1. Wanting to run Courses, Workshops or Webinars but don't know what topics to focus on.

2. Think you have a few ideas however not sure what they are or how to bring it all together.

3. Been working in a particular field or industry for several years but never taken the time time to sit down and #DataMine what you know.

4. You know you are full of great ideas and resources yet you don't know where to start in streamlining and putting a system or process around the ideas.

5. You have got great information to share but you don't know how or can't see how it could become a Workshop or Product.

6. You already know you want to run Workshops, Teleseminars, Webinars or create products however you don't know where to begin or how to get started in terms of putting the logic and flow behind it and creating Modules out of your idea.

7. Some combination of the above.

I'm going to offer a few taster Sessions for people who have been wanting to produce events yet months or years later still haven't done so or put their great ideas into action or out into the world.

How Does It Work?

You talk about your area of expertise and I listen (and interrupt) with ideas and processes about how you can structure and package your ideas.

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Marilyn Devonish Management Consultancy

Where Have I Done This Before?

I started working as a Management Consultant and Prince2 Project Manager back in 2003. I work in Central and Local Government, so places like Office of Deputy Prime Minister, HM Treasury Department, Department for Transport Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Local Authorities, and Government Agencies.

My job is to go in. Speak to the Directors and Managers about the organisational objectives, and design and deliver Workshops and Coaching Programs, everything from half day Away Days, 1-3 day Workshops, through to full blown corporate annual Training Programs for hundreds of staff and Managers.

Sometimes it was as much as creating 6-8 courses for the same organisation, everything from Introduction to Project Management, Critical Thinking & Decision Making, Personal Branding, Presentation Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Creative Thinking, NLP in Business, Interview Skills, Stakeholder Management, as well as departmental specific courses.

It is also something I often do with friends in passing.

From First Meeting to Sold Out Workshop

I was recently introduced to a Therapist visiting from Spain. Within hours of meeting him and listening to how he worked and what he did I had created and developed a 1-Day Workshop.

We met on the Wednesday (16th January 2019 to be precise). I started formulating the idea on Wednesday night. I spoke to him about it on the Thursday to see if he would be interested. I did the pre-launch on the Saturday. We ran the Workshop 5 weeks later, on Saturday 23rd February. Would have been sooner but I had to have him fly back to the UK so there were some logistics to sort out.

It had never been done anywhere in the world before. Within days I had come up with the structure of the event and ideas, written the marketing copy, set up the booking page, created a series of social media posts and visuals, and sold out the Workshop.

You can read more about it here:

The Eventbrite page I created for the event:

I also created an online questionnaire for attendees to complete prior to the Workshop:

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I'll write more about it when I'm back next week and wing an offer out for my #eNewsletter list for those who are interested in taking part and really getting your ideas into flow this year.

It will probably take the form of a telephone or Skype Session for an hour or 2 depending upon what you want to create.

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