Creating a More Powerful Future - The InvolveMe Series Part 1

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Next Level TranceFormation from the Inside Out

A few months ago I sent a survey out to those of you on my eNewsletter list. Thank you to everyone who took part.

One of the things I wanted to do was get a sense of direction for the order and sequence of the new Online Video Webinar Series I’m rolling out this year which enables attendees to take part in full Workshops from wherever you are in the world.

Another was to look at creating additional products or services to meet those needs.

There were 11 different categories which you rated in order of importance, these included:

  • Letting go of negative emotions
  • Clarity on your life journey
  • Understanding your soul destiny
  • Exploring old money paradigms
  • Improve your business skills and productivity
  • Clearing energetic blocks
  • Increased happiness and daily joy

Over the coming months I will work my way through each of the 11 categories and areas explored in order of expressed importance, and share hints, tips, strategies, Coaching Questions, and insights.

This is Part 1. The next 10 parts in the Series will appear exclusively in my eNewsletter. To subscribe CLICK HERE.

If you have not yet taken part in the survey and want to have your views reflected, go to:

The survey is anonymous.

The Number 1 Answer

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The TranceFormation Program - Seeing the world through new eyes

The top answer in terms of what respondents wanted most in their lives at the present time was How to Create a More Powerful Future. When you get this process, it really does feel like seeing the world in HD vision as one of my TranceFormation Program participants shares in the testimonial above..

The Coaching Questions

To get the ball rolling take yourself through the following Coaching Questions. They will both bring greater clarity, and help you benchmark where you're at.

  1. How do you see your future? Go with the first thing that comes to mind. This might be an image, word, colour, scene or picture, a thought, feeling, or a combination of the above.
  2. How would you rate your future? Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, with 1 meaning prospects are rock bottom, bleak and low, and where 10 = Amazing, exciting, optimistic, and looking forward to the future.
  3. What needs to happen next? Whatever your number, what would need to happen to move you another step closer to your desired outcomes or goals? Once again, go with your intuition rather than logic, practicality, or what makes sense. (BONUS TIP: "I don't know" is not a long term valid answer so work to get beyond that).
  4. What’s your next best action step? Decide on one thing you can do today, this week, this month, or during the quarter ahead to move you another step closer to your goals and desired future.
  5. Who or what is your accountability buddy? If you are not naturally self-motivated, who or what keeps you accountable and on track? Declarations both to what I call “the universe” and declarations made to your Coach, Mentor, support group or tribe are powerful. Once someone has witnessed and heard your intention, there is a part of the brain and neurology that wants to honour and fulfil that. If you don’t have any of the support structures I mentioned above in place, use your regular ole social media account(s) and tell your friends or followers what you plan to do. Even if no one keeps you accountable, there’s a chance that someone will!

In a future eNewsletter update I’ll share the one word that changes everything in this regard. We might also do a year end Webinar and Process around it for those of you in my Membership Group.

Part 2 of the Series will either be:

  • How to Get Clarity on Your Life's Journey
  • How to Let Go of Negative Emotions

They were joint second so if you have a preference about which is the most pressing for you, let me know by return mail.

How Do You Create the Future?

Anthony Joshua with Marilyn Devonish at the Gold Post Box

The first process I was taught back in October 2000 was Timeline Therapy. Depending on where you’ve heard me speak or which of my Workshops you've attended you might have heard me talk about putting the goal in my future Timeline in November 2000 for my “dream job” and being offered it "word for word" less than 2 months later.

I did the same for my amazing Management Consultancy and Prince2 Project Management role, right down to imagining the seemingly random last step be me jumping up and down on a 4 poster bed to celebrate getting the job; The company were based in London. My interview took place in Bournemouth, and I was invited to stay for their corporate dinner that night so they booked me a hotel room.

TranceFormationsTM Main Website
The first thing I saw when I opened the hotel room door was a 4 poster bed

First thing I saw when I opened the bedroom door having just been offered the job was a 4 poster bed! You really could not make this stuff up.

There’s also fun stuff like saying “I’ll meet boxing Champion Anthony Joshua at the gold post box in Watford.” I met him there a couple days later. He wasn't there on an official visit. He just decided to pop down one evening to take a private look. Expand the photograph above if you don't automatically photos downloaded on your device.

If you have already done a Breakthrough Session you have been through this because it is one of the final things we do as part of the 4 Stage Process to anchor in both the emotional clearing work, and building new strategies and neurological pathways from Stages 2 and 3.

My Breakthrough Coaching clients call the phenomenon: "Speaking it into Existence." I would say that's a very good way to put it.

You can read about one of my early big client breakthrough's using this process here:

How Do You Put a Goal in Your Future Timeline?

Your Future Timeline

There is a whole Timeline Therapy Process which would take an essay to go into. Outside of that you can use similar principles to you set your goals. A few key things to next level the practice involve:

  • Focus on what you want. Rather than putting a goal around public speaking as: “Not being nervous” set instead the goal of being: “Calm and confident and relaxed” when speaking in public or to large audiences. It sounds like semantics and a play on words however the neurological impact of both those statement is very different.
  • Go for the last step. Think about how will know you have achieved your outcome so that everything else becomes a foregone conclusion.
  • Work with goals you believe in. If you are riddled with self-doubt and lack confidence in what you're saying, you sabotage yourself before you even begin, so work on cleaning up your goals before you set them.
  • Notice the results. These might come in the form a great big solid four poster bed, and might also appear as what I call "green shoots." Be happy about both outcomes.

If public speaking is one of your fears or something you want to do more of in the future check out my new 1-Day Fearless Public Speaking Online Video Webinar Workshop:

Using Future Life Progression

Book Your Future Life Progression Session
The Incredible Power of Future Life Progression

Another way to not just set your future goals, but also see into possible versions of your future is Future Life Progression.

I’m not going to write too much about FLP here because I have already blogged about it in detail so you can read more at:

You can also watch the client success story videos below to give you a taster of what’s possible and the accuracy of the visions and FLP Sessions.

Future Life Progression - Jaw Dropping Stories of Success
The Incredible Power of Future Life Progression

The link to the interview I did 2 weeks ago with FLP Creator Anne Jirsch is in my previous eNewsletter update.

I would say one of the keys to a really successful FLP Session and getting maximum value is going into it with an expanded and limitless mind, which we’ll talk more about before doing a Session.

Feedback & Next Steps

Which Door Holds the Key for You?

I would love to have your feedback about this update so I can shape the future Series which will take us into 2020 and maybe even beyond that.

Which sections of this exploration were most useful to you and why?

We’ll have fun exploring the results of the survey over the coming months, and with each of these updates I will choose a Featured Product or Service and create an offer for those who feel inspired in that moment to take part.

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