Feeling Stuck As We Transition Out of 2020?

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Book a Soul Plan Reading. It is the investment and gift that keeps on giving.

“I’ve just revisited my Soul Plan 7 months after the initial Reading. Somehow it seems to resonate even more now! If you are ‘on the fence’ about whether to take up this amazing offer, I can highly recommend it.” Kate Thomas, Angeli Jewellery.
Soul Plan Reading Online with Marilyn Devonish

Feeling stuck as we transition out of 2020? Book a Soul Plan Reading.

The Investment That Keeps On Giving

The Soul Plan is also one of those gifts and investments that keeps on giving:

“I’ve just revisited my Soul Plan 7 months after the initial Reading. Somehow it seems to resonate even more now! If you are ‘on the fence’ about whether to take up this amazing offer, I can highly recommend it.” Kate Thomas, Angeli Jewellery

I recently ran a Soul Plan, Huna and Tarot ‘Open House’; if you’re reading this in December 2020 CLICK HERE to check it out. An attendee on the Webinar, who I did a Soul Plan for in 2014, which is SIX YEAR AGO at the time of writing, sent me this via Messenger:

“Hey lovely, your call reminded me of my soul plan. It is eerily accurate and totally reflecting of my journey and also where I am currently. It’s really helped to click some things into place and has given me confirmation of my direction. Thank you so much for this gift 🙏” Claire Moorcraft, Shamanic Healer & New World Sex Educator

A whopping SIX YEARS after the fact, it is still both providing value, and giving clarity and confirmation.

Another online client shared upon reading the Soul Plan Report. This was BEFORE they even had their Online Reading with me:

“Thanks for sending the report through, it definitely resonates with me.
Interesting with the kidney issues with the 9s as when I am stressed I get pain in my adrenal glands that sit on top of the kidneys. The left foot issues again resonates as I got sciatica about 3 years ago and that ran all the way down to my foot and the feeling is not always fully there because of the nerve pain and I can stumble as I walk! Physical issues do seem to be on the left side of my body when I think about it.
I can see the positive and negative traits evident in my life, the issues of claiming power and confidence come up again and again and weirdly I often clash with people in authority because I am subservient to a point then I rebel and clash with them as I try to assert myself after putting up with too much.
The lack of grounding is recurrent too, I often feel like I am from another planet and can feel spaced out, hematite and tiger eye crystals are my go to when I need to ground, I always have a bracelet close at hand. I have always struggled with my weight too, feel very out of tune with my body and what it needs most of the time.
Spiritual talents wise, when I am at my best I am pretty upbeat and enthusiastic, which I like to think rubs off on the people around me. When I am in the flow of life, good things just seem to happen, so definitely feel abundant in those moments, just sustaining it can be difficult as I’m very sensitive to other people’s energy and particularly clairsentient and can feel bad and then realise I am actually picking up other people’s energy.”

The Readings are always insightful and revealing, and as Kate says, the Soul Plan Report continues to keep on giving.

Book your Online Session at: https://tranceformationstm.com/soulplan/

Also read on for your December savings.

What’s Included?

Soul Plan Chart
A Soul Plan Chart
Soul Plan Report
A Soul Plan Report

As part of the Session you will receive:

  1. Your 5-Page Soul Plan Report via PDF
  2. Online Soul Plan Reading with Marilyn Devonish
  3. MP3 recording of your Soul Plan Reading

What Can the Soul Plan Tell You?

I did a posthumous Soul Plan Report for Whitney Houston a few years after she passed away. You can read the Blog here: http://marilyndevonish.com/whitney-houston-grammy-awards-soul-plan-says-life-death/

I’ve Not Heard of a Soul Plan. Where Can I Learn More?

I did a radio interview with Colourful Radio. You can listen to the replay below:

Marilyn Devonish Radio Interview with Lisa Bent

Do the Sessions Work Online?

Marilyn Devonish has been offering online Coaching, Online Training, and Online Therapy since 2005, so the so-called ‘new normal’ is her regular practice, and all processes and have been tried and tested over the past 15 years to ensure they translate online and are fit for purpose.

Test Platform Savings $£

I am testing out a new Coaching Platform so you can book a Soul Plan Reading for $134 instead of the usual $176. Instead of using the main website above, go to: https://awarenow.io/sessions/1617-1-hour-online-breakthrough-coaching-session

Once you have booked, let me know that you want to do a Soul Plan Reading.

A Must For the New Year

As many of my clients always say, reading through their Soul Plan Report is like seeing their whole life mapped out on 5 sheets of paper. If you want to enter the New Year with a greater sense of optimism, focus, clarity, relief, understanding, direction, and sense of hope and joy, book your Session today.

Spots are limited because my schedule is pretty hectic.

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