How Do You Handle It When People Laugh At You In Public?

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Is this latest Harvey Weinstein victim a liar deserving of ridicule?

I just wrote a comment on the Sky News page following the releasing of their breaking news story showing video footage of Harvey Weinstein before an alleged rape. The picture shows the first comment.

The Sky News Harvey Weinstein Video
The Comment on my Sky News Harvey Weinstein Post

Bye Felicia

Bye Felicia
Saying Courtesy of Ice Cube in Friday

Sometimes you've just got to read it. Go: "Oh well" and scroll along. To see the comment and original video CLICK HERE

#GetItDontGetIt #Next #ByeFelicia #Limitless #NeuroSuccess

And like I was saying, if you have been affected this issue #MeToo I would appreciate a few minutes of your time to complete my anonymous survey, the link to which can be found in this Blog:

Feedback is great, and there are also times where you know you'll just be dragged down into a circular time sucking argument. This is one of those times so there will be no further comment from me on that post.

Are You Here to Sit or to Get in the Game?

If you let such things stop you I suspect you won't be able to put much out into the world.

It of course helps when you have people around you who see the vision or at least support you, and that isn't always the case.

Sometimes you're like a lone wolf crusading for a cause which the world doesn't see from your perspective or hasn't woken up to yet; I tried to launch an event in the 1990's promoting "Smart Cards" which were credit cards you loaded up with cash for things like train and bus travel and buying smaller purchases in places like newsagents . . . . My boss wouldn't authorise the funding for the event; Oyster cards and tap and go credit and debit cards anyone?

If you're in the grip of fear get in touch
The Fear of Negative Responses Can Lock You into Inertia

It Might be Scary But is it Worth it?

I'm not saying it isn't scary at times, or that you won't wonder if you're wasting your time, I'm just saying the alternative is possibly a life half lived. You decide.

I suspect this is part of what people/Practitioners fear when putting their thoughts and ideas and work out there.

If you are joining us for Practitioner Insider Secrets Part 2 Online Webinar Training we can do a #Huna and Access Consciousness Module if any of this resonates.

Wishing you support, the right platforms, a gracious audience, and #courage


Marilyn Devonish


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