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I usually only regularly share these amazing technology deals with my eNewsletter list. There are however times where the deals don't correspond with a posting date so have decided to add them here as well because I know I am also connected to lots of SME business owners.

If innovation, technology, business building, enhancing social media, and improving automation and processes is your thing bookmark this page because I will add the new deals here a few times a month.

Your Starters for 10 as at 6th November 2018


Summary: One-click your way to user-friendly Google Analytics for your WordPress site.
Lifetime Deal Sale Price: $49 Lifetime Access -- Normally $399.00!
Rationale: See simplified Google Analytics on your WordPress site in beautiful, real-time charts and graphs, see your most popular pages and best marketing campaigns, and automatically email analytic reports to your clients. Best for: WordPress Users, Agencies, and Anyone Wanting Simplified Google Analytics.


I purchased this one last week and I love it!!!!! So worth the one time investment. You can see it in action on my website: There's a LiveAgent button in the bottom right hand corner of my site.

Summary: Bring all your customer support channels under one roof with LiveAgent
Lifetime Sales price: $59 Lifetime Access -- Normally $936.00!
Rationale: Get multi-channel support for email, live chat, voice, and social pages, store customer info and previous ticket history with a built-in CRM, create a support portal for customers self-service. Best for: Customer Support.
🔥Hot deal! This deal is in very high demand and already killing it. Customers are loving it!

Bookmark - AI Website Builder

If you have been looking to build a website and it all seems too complicated definitely check this deal out.

Summary: Let an AI-powered virtual assistant design your website
Sales price: $49 Lifetime Access -- Normally $500.00!
Rationale: Answer 7 simple questions and have an Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant (AiDA) create a highly optimized website, create countless versions of your website by just clicking a button, and use 23 full-length e-learning courses to gain the competitive edge in business management. Best for: Website Creation and Small Businesses.


If you are the person responsible for recruiting and hiring staff for your business or enterprise this one does look good. I love the sound of access to the 'free job boards' so if you purchase it please do report back and let me know how you get on.

Summary: Streamline your hiring process and secure better candidates with GoHire
Sales price: $49 Lifetime Access -- Normally $1,949.00!
Rationale: Track applicants, manage jobs and teams, schedule interviews, and hire candidates from one dashboard. Post job adverts automatically on multiple free job boards with just one click. Customize a careers site that seamlessly integrates with your current website. Best for: small and medium-sized businesses, hiring managers, recruiters

Technology - The JetWebinar Lifetime Deal
The JetWebinar Lifetime Video Webinar Deal


Are you thinking of getting into the Video Webinar space? If so check out this Lifetime Deal:

This is a pretty incredible deal if you track the prices of paying monthly for Webinar Platforms.

You can run live Webinars or Evergreen with a Live Chat facility which means you can show something you pre-recorded and replay in real time if an attendee comments in the Chat.

You can stream live to Facebook YouTube from your Webinar Room. You can also auto-create 30-120 second promo clips of your Webinars to promote them on social media.

With your live events there is no delay streaming, high quality video, screen sharing, slide sharing, interactive quizzes and surveys, the creation of Polls and handouts. You also have the option of moderating the Chat and benning any naughty attendees.

It is compatible with all the usual browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, Edge, i0S.

The #LifetimeDeal is £397 and you have the option of a 3-month payment plan. For further details go to:

It ends on Saturday 10th November 2018.

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