Need to Refocus & Move Online? From Confusion to Clarity & Press Coverage in a Matter of Days

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My clients often call me The Zeitgeist and Futurist because it's almost as though I see well beforehand what's coming; in this case, being ahead of the game with the coronavirus.

Below is a real-time case study with a new client I worked with this past month. I have also included their feedback about the 2 Coaching Sessions, so you get both my and the client perspective of the process and what can be achieved within a few days.

At the end of this Blog I have provided links and recommendations about how to get started.

The Timeline

Wednesday 5th February 2020: Free 20-Minute Skype Consultation

During the free 20-minute Consultation we discussed how we might work together and desired outcomes. During this intro Session I suggested Dr Margo review her old website and social media accounts, and look into taking her Nurse Practitioner business online, and offering Skype Sessions. She wasn't sure if that would be viable and whether people would go for it. The 'HomePlay' task was to look into it and sort out the relevant paperwork and get clarity on how to move forward with offering Skype Consultations to patients.

A few weeks later the government announced all GPs need to start offering consultations online.

Tuesday 18th February 2020: 1-Hour Skype Coaching Session

We did an overview of her vast and at that point untapped skillset, and how best the focus and package it up. I suggested writing for the press and media given her PhD in Immunology and Haematology, and Advanced Professional Nursing Practitioner MSc, and PGCE in Maths and Science.

One of the benefits of Coaching is to see to bigger picture and how things fit together, and where value is being left on the table because it is so familiar to you.

Monday 2nd March 2020: 1-Hour Coaching Session at my Private Members Club

This Session was to work on the second phase and show how the pieces we discussed during the first Session fit together.

Massive strives forward are made with a single Session, and ideally investing in a series means you can build upon your progress and layer in new aspects.

Monday 9th March: First Article Published in the Press

Saying someone should write for the press and media is one thing. Doing it, and finding the relevant contacts, and pitching the journalists and selling them on the angle and story is another.

After our first Coaching Session I:

  1. Wrote a series of Press Releases.
  2. Researched suitable Journalists.
  3. Pitched the idea and story angle.
  4. Got agreement for the piece.
  5. Went to Dr Margo and asked if she was interested in writing it.
  6. Submitted the piece to the Journalist.

You can read the first article I secured for Dr Margo here: It was one of their front page lead stories.

I have somewhat simplified the process. Those who have tried to write for the press and media, particularly when you don't already have a track record, will know how challenging it can be to get a foot in the door.

Tuesday 11th March 2020: Second Press Article Secured

I did the same again with a different Journalist and media outlet, and secured a second article for Dr Margo.

Sunday 15th March 2020: Coronavirus Fact Sheet Produced

I "strongly suggested" a Fact Sheet should be created and made available to those taking part in the live Video Webinar. For those who have taken part in my Online Practitioner Insider Secrets Workshop, this then becomes a product in its own right.

Dr Margo produced a fabulous 6-page dossier outlining:

  • What the virus is.
  • Medical definition of a pandemic.
  • How our immune system works.
  • Herd immunity; watch the Video Webinar Replay for Dr Margo's views on that strategy.
  • How vaccines are designed and the stages of vaccine development.
  • Progress on finding a coronavirus vaccine and how quickly it can be made available.
  • Symptoms and course of the coronavirus if you become infected.
  • How the infection is spread.
  • Fomites - How the coronavirus interacts with inanimate objects such as handrails, elevator buttons, remote controls, pens, etc. This section alone makes it a worthwhile read.
  • Masks - What they are designed for and what they do and don't do. Important to know for those who have been wearing the masks as a form of protection.
  • Gloves and their contraindications.
  • Hand sanitisers and what you need to look out for in terms of their composition and content for them to be useful.

If you would like a copy of the Coronavirus Fact Sheet, email Dr Margo and tell her Marilyn Devonish sent you, and I'm sure you will let you have a copy! Email:

Monday 16th March 2020: Truth About Coronavirus Video Webinar

I organised and Hosted a coronavirus Video Webinar featuring Dr Margo Livingston. We had over 50 pre-registered guests, and many more who can now watch the replay.

This included setting up the Webinar, doing the marketing, Hosting it on the night, and sending out the replays.

You can watch the full Webinar Replay here:

The Truth About the Coronavirus Q&A Video Webinar

Tuesday 17th March 2020: Radio Interview

Dr Margo was interviewed for a Spanish Radio Station. Nothing to with me, however a ripple effect consequence when you get clarity and start to create material and a media presence. It means those looking for expertise in your chosen field can more easily find you.

The Ripple Effect

The water drop and catalyst "Ripple Effect" has been my logo for the past 20 years. I've had a client get in touch after a decade, to say: "The results and benefits of the 1-Day Breakthrough Session we did (10 years ago) is still rippling throughout my entire life."

TranceFormationsTM Business Card and Logo

You can read more about the 1-Day Breakthrough Session here:

Saturday 21st March 2020: Client Feedback

1. Reason for signing up for the Coaching Sessions?

My reason for signing up for coaching with you - I am at a crossroads where I really want to work from home; use all my qualifications; have a good quality of life and not travel extensively; add value to people's lives. I don't think I am so good at putting my talents into the actual creation of income/wealth and felt I needed direction. you came back into my radar as my guide and the match was perfect!

2. Benefits and Results Achieved?

Benefits & results - after the first session where you advised me to get on top of social media and do things I would rather not do and, couldn't really see how they could help me get going, our second session put all of that into perspective, helped me realise what an expert I truly am and focused me on writing the fact sheet, updating my social media portals, using# and seeing their benefits and, you very kindly found me a couple of publications to write for which also forced me to be accountable and professional with my message.

3. Would your recommend the Coaching Sessions to others?

3. I would definitely recommend your coaching sessions as you have an innate spiritual/intellectual ability to see things with crystal clarity and know what needs to be done to help a person focus on their skills to produce a product they can market.

4. Did you receive value for money?

4. At first, I thought the price was too expensive but, I value myself and wanted help from an expert. you have done so well over the years and are o positive and insightful. After the second session, I felt I had received tremendous value for money.

5. What would you say to someone considering booking a Session?

5. I would recommend anyone needing focus and clarity about their skills and how to use them for best effect should book coaching with you as they will definitely receive the help they need. you are divinely guided and really just a messenger for them to see their higher good and enter that alignment.

6. Anything else you want to add or share?

6. Thank you for all your help, love and clarity! Mx

Sunday 22nd March 2020 (Today): Regular Blogs and Writing Again

Having revived her old website, Dr Margo is now regularly blogging and writing again for the first time in years. You can read today's post here: Take Care of Your Mental Health During this Pandemic

The Ripple Effect Continues

Dr Margo has published several blogs this past month, so do check out her website:

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