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Would any of the business owners, entrepreneurs, Coaches, Therapists and Practitioners I'm connected to potentially be interested in this type of deal for increasing your online sales and presence within minutes?

Instant Sales Pages at Your Fingertips
Making Online Sales Easier

If I do go ahead there will only be a limited number of accounts available; 8 left at the time of writing.

Set Up Your Own Sales Funnels in Just Minutes

I am "thinking" of offering hosting for business owners who want to set up sales funnels but don't have the time, tech skills or infrastructure to do so, and would benefit from having access to real 'plug and play and pay' technology.

The pages below once I'd set up the accounts itself took anywhere from 20-40 minutes to create and it would have been less time if I'd had the sales copy to hand.

Sales Page Money Oracle Cards
Money Oracle Cards Sales Page

Example Sales Pages

Soul Plan Reading:

PhotoReading Webinar:

Membership Group:

Money Oracle Cards:

Customer Sales Enhancement Features Include

Split Payments: If you are selling a high-ticket item you can make it easier for the buyers. Instead of asking them to pay £997 once, charge £297 x 4

Bump Offer: People tend to love a combo offer, and if you show them at the time of checkout, a much higher percentage of them are likely to sign up and take it; I have added 'bump' offers to all the pages above so you can see what I mean.

Coupon System: You can also offer extra/seasonal discounts. Specify the % discount & a coupon, set an expiry date and you’re all set, the system will handle the rest!

Follow up on Failed Payments: You can set up what are called 'dunning' emails on a failed payment, to alert the customer, bringing them back to your cart to make the payment.

Recurring Payments: If you run a Membership Group or subscription service you can set up recurring payments.

Custom Emails: Change every element of the order confirmation emails, receipts, refunds, subscriptions, etc. to match with your brand.

Unlimited System Features

  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Upsells
  • Unlimited Bump Offers
  • 0% Transaction Fees*

How the Bonus 'Bump' Offers Work

When customers tick the offer box their 'one-time' special offer is added to the shopping cart as per the picture below. These offers are only available at the time of purchase.

PhotoReading Webinar Sales Page
Bonus Offer Example

You can also add Coupon Codes for your existing customers of when doing special offers or seasonal deals.

How it 'Might' Work

If I go ahead with the idea I could offer up to 10 people their own independent system so you can set up your own unlimited sales landing pages.

Fees and Hosting

There would be a set up fee for each account; I might just align that to my hourly rate. The usual 25%, 20% and 10% off will apply for those of you in my Online Membership Group.

I will either then change a monthly hosting fee, and possibly a smaller nominal monthly hosting fee and a % transaction fee so there isn't much of anything to pay in the months where you haven't made sales.

I might also do a one-off annual fee.


Quick answers to some of the questions you might have:

  1. It is one product per page. You decide if/what the 'bump' offer will be.
  2. You can add as many features and testimonials to the page as you like.
  3. You can add one product photo.
  4. You can link it to your PayPal or Stripe account.
  5. It will always say '' in middle however you can chose the beginning and end or the url as per my links.
  6. Every page you set up also has an embed code which means you can embed a 'Buy Now' button into your WordPress or websites rather than using the standalone links.

In-Depth Q&A

I've had some great questions in regarding the Sales Cart deal. Below are the questions and answers. Thank you to those who sent them in because they most likely reflect what others were wondering or haven't yet articulated. The 13 questions I've had in so far are below.

1. Are sales pages different to websites?

A] Yes. You might think of them as mini standalone sales pages, and if you do have a website you can create embed codes and embed a button which leads to the shopping cart on your website pages. The benefit of them over and above a PayPal ‘Buy Now’ button is the up sell ‘bump offer’ feature and being able to add more details about the product and make an additional bonus offer to clients. The LeadCart page could sit behind your button so when people press it they are taken to the sales cart page. That’s exactly what I’ve done with the Kyvio sales page for this offer: When you press the 'BUY NOW' buttons they take you to the respective LeadCart page.

2. Is it one product per sales page?

A] Yes. One offer per page. So with the 4 links I shared as examples (see the text block below), because they are separate products they all have their own page.

3. Do you need landing pages if you already have a website?

A] No. It is not necessary to have landing pages if you have a good website. My TranceFormationsTM website although comprehensive isn’t ‘good’ as far as sales pages which is why I’ve been on the lookout and wanting to also have more up to date landing pages such as these.

4. What does the unlimited pages and websites mean?

A] Unlimited means you can create as many mini landing pages/sites as you like. If you have 2000 products you can create 2000 LeadCart pages; for that volume however there are other platforms I wold recommend! Because it is just a case of embedding code if incorporating them into an existing website or Blog, you can embed those codes anywhere.

5. If I'm not making many sales or active in my business yet will the sales pages help?

A] Yes. The plan is they would be out there working for you even when you aren’t and you can create pages as and when you need and want them. Now of course you have to put the links out into the world and share them however having your pages out there increases your chances of them being found, and others can share them too. I am going to start adding the individual links to my social media posts depending upon what I’m talking about, and if I decide to do a special offer on say Soul Plan Reading I’ll create page for it and also add a special bonus offer with the tick box facility which is only available at the time of purchase. This deal also means when you are ready you have the software and creative capabilities at your fingertips.

6. What is the benefit of having these types of landing pages?

One of the things I like about them is they are 'clean' and straight to the point. It shows the product or service on offer, what people are getting as part of the purchase, and offers flexibility in pricing structures.
You can also set the payments up as either one time, split payments, or monthly recurring payments, so for example with something like a Membership Group you could create a page to cater to each of those requirements rather than doing it manually. Rather than faffing about chasing or reminding people, you just set the page up as recurring payments. With PayPal the customer is ultimately in control of that however if they don’t cancel you continue to get regular payments in on time. You can also offer split payments for larger product purchases where you client can pay in 3 instalments for example. Once I increase the price for the Lifetime deal next week I might do that.

7. How is the content on the sales pages created?

A] You write the content yourself as in the description paragraph which runs to about 3 sentences, plus the bullet points. It’s like filling in a Word document form.

8. Can I add the sales pages to my existing website or Blog?

A] Yes, all sites are slightly different but most operate similar to WordPress where you cut and paste the embed code in like you would cut and paste text to and from a document.

9. Can't I just stick to using my regular Blog?

A] Yes of course you can. I have long since wanted to move with the times and have the same fancy sales pages as the ‘big boys’ but it was too expensive and complicated for me to try and add these features myself to my site or Blog; the most recent sales page I built for my TranceFormations website cost me just shy of £1000. This software takes care of the technicalities at a fraction of the cost, all I have to do is type a few sentences and share or cut and paste a link. They have also researched the psychology of the design so you don’t have to, unless you are already an expert in it, in which case go for it and knock yourself out.

10. Why are the SSL Certificates important and can't I just save money and add my own?

A] Ordinarily you have to buy SSL Certificates for each website or Blog you own. They are included here as part of the monthly, annual and lifetime deal. They let your buyers know the pages are secure and their data is encrypted.

11. What does lifetime deal mean?

A] Lifetime means you pay once and use it forever. Now, we've all seen with Jamie Oliver that no one is immune to their business taking a turn for the worse, however they currently have over 500 active clients are are growing so make hay while the sun shines and enjoy your unlimited creations.

12. How does the 10% fee work?

A] I've created 3 options to cater to different budgets and price points. With the deal which is currently £19 per month + 10% commission, this keeps your monthly outgoings low and means you only pay for the benefit of using the service and unlimited sales pages once you have made a sale. If for example you sell a product via the LeadCart page for £50 you would pay me £5 to cover the cost of hosting the page for you. With the current price of £69 per month that is all you pay to have access to the LeadCart pages.

13. Which currencies can you sell in?

It's a global platform so you choose your desired currency from a drop down menu. I now many things are nowadays priced in US$ even for UK products and you can choose to do that as well even if you are in the UK. Pricing is set on a per product/per page basis so can be different for each page lead page you create.


If I decide it's a good idea the pages could be ready for sale and launch at the end of this week.

Use Case, Benefits and Rationale

It's an easy way to make sales without the hassle of building and maintaining a full website.

You can share the links on social media, include them in your eNewsletters, set up specific pages if you're doing a talk, running a promotion, etc.

If you launch a new product, as I've just done with the new Money Oracle Cards you can have a page and additional bonus offer set up with a few minutes.

So many practitioners struggle with the online side of things because of the technical skills required and financial barriers to entry so I thought this would make it easier to get your products and services out into the world and online.


Let me know what you think.

If you are interested in signing up email: or use the contact form below.

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