One Day. Four Incredible Modalities. Join Us Globally Live Online

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This Blog includes:

  • Who this Workshop is for.
  • An overview of the 4 incredible modalities we will use on the day.
  • How to access the pre-launch price this Bank Holiday weekend.
  • What you can expect from specifically designed online programs and processes.
  • Q&A about when the workshop is, how it is delivered, what to do if you can’t make the date, etc.
Join us for this unique one of a kind day

Who is This Workhop For?

This live 1-day Webinar will be useful for those:

  • Feeling stuck in a rut and needing greater clarity, an energy boost.
  • Held back by old limiting beliefs and past negative patterns.
  • In need of future insight and next steps.
  • Looking to get to the root cause of old issues and past trauma.
  • Who want to cut and heal old energetic ties and connections.
Online Webinar Workshop
Your Facilitator is Marilyn Devonish

Overview of the 4 Incredible Modalities

The day includes a unique combination of:

CORE ISSUE THERAPY: Core Issue Therapy is amazing for tapping into issues which lie at the unconscious heart and soul level. This is particularly important if you have great motivational tools, have tried to work on what holds you back, yet somehow you still feel stuck and fall into old patterns. The CIT can take us in a number of directions including addressing fears, stagnation, unresolved grief, oversensitivity, embodiment trauma, power dynamic issues and giving your power away, false self, chakra energy blockages, missing soul fragments. During the Webinar we will do a Group Process to look at old separation patterns, do a Soul Plan Diagnosis, find the underlying story, identify the intervention, and do a Guided Healing Process.

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS: For those who have joined the free Webinars which I run for my newsletter Group, you will already know about this incredible modality. Access Consciousness is a fast and powerful way to unlock, shift and change old beliefs, judgements and limitations. I liken it to the Fast and the Furious film franchise!

HUNA: What can I say except WOW? Huna is a firm favourite with my global transatlantic Coaching and Therapy clients because not only does this amazing energy travel, it also works brilliantly if you are watching or listening to a replay recording. During this unique Workshop we will use the Huna symbols to clear stuck energy and mindset.

TAROT: Tarot Tuesday is absolutely the most favourite day of the week for my Online Membership Group. "Spot on!" "OMG" and "100 million percent spot on" is the most common feedback from those watching the recordings. We'll do a Group Tarot Reading and possibly a few individual Readings if we have time. You can read more about the video Tarot Readings here:

Pre-Launch Bookings

Book your pre-launch place this Bank Holiday weekend. Go to:

One Day. Four Miraculous and Life Changing Modalities

The pre-launch offer ends on Monday 31st May 2021.

What Can You Expect from Specifically Designed Online Programs?

I put together a blog where I share my results when working with online clients. The blog includes clients who have done, online Workshops, Group Coaching Sessions, 1-Day Breakthrough Sessions from as far afield as Australia, and even just listened to MP3 recordings.

The testimonial below is from a client in Australia who listened to a MP3 replay recording having not been able to attend the live teleseminar . . . . You’ll read in the Blog why it was also a triple WOW!

Transatlantic MP3 Replay Recording Results

To read the full Blog go to:


I've had a few questions about the event; where it takes place, how it’s structured, access to replay recordings, etc, so have answered them below.

Your Questions Answered

When is the Live Workshop?

The live event takes place on Saturday 26th June 2021, 10am-5pm UK BST.

What happens if I can't make it live?

There will be a replay recording if you can't make it live. The replay recording takes 24-hours to render so you can view it from Sunday 27th June 2021.

How long do I have access to the replay recording?

Those booking in advance will have Lifetime Access. When I add the replay recording to my eLearning platform, there will most likely be tiered time limited access.

Do online Workshops work?

I have been asked if online training works because several people have had bad experiences with the rise of so many online consultants and trainers during the pandemic.

The answer to that question is "yes and no." No, not everything immediately translates from offline to online if you haven't thought through the nuances and tested everything, and yes, these types of processes can work extraordinarily powerfully online if you know how to design, manage and adapt them for the online space.

I have been offering Online Coaching, Online Training, and Online Therapy since 2005, so all processes have been tried and tested hundreds of times, and my online programs are crafted and designed from the vantage point of having had the time and depth of experience to figure out what does and does not work online, and why.

Where/how does the online Workshops take place?

The Workshop takes place via video webinar so you attend from the comfort of your own home. I use BigMarker as the host platform.

When does the pre-launch price end?

The £57 for eNewsletter readers ended on Friday 27th May. The pre-launch price ends on Monday 31st May. Book your place today at:

What is Core Issue Therapy?

You'll find more about the Core Issue Therapy (CIT) Process here:

Can you book these modalities separately?

Yes, you can. You can either book 7 separate Sessions, which would be £1050, you can do that here:

A more cost effective option instead of 7 separate Sessions is to book a 1-Day Breakthrough Session and we can allocated a block of time to each modality. Go to:

Marilyn Devonish

Flexible Working Implementation Consultant (since 2003), The NeuroSuccess Coach & Mental Health First Aid Trainer

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