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#WOW. This is fascinating already, and I've only just started preparing the first batch of the #SoulPlan Reports for the global webinar. I did a quick 2-minute write up on the first one.

A few minutes later the person it belongs to shared her feedback on what I had said, which is where the “WOW” comes in. I have added it as an Addendum to this Blog, plus a video overview if you prefer to watch rather than read.

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Below is what I shared on Facebook re my initial thoughts about the Soul Plan.

The 9-9 Energy

In the picture above, this particular Webinar attendee has the 9-9 energy in their Worldly Challenges, Worldly Goals, and the Spiritual Goals. To have a double is quite common; 3 is moving into dominant energy.

The 9-9 energy is about expressing and claiming your full power, or having a resistance to doing so, if it's in the challenge position and hasn't been resolved.

The 4-4 Energy of Duplication and Abundance

They have the 4-4 in the Spiritual Challenge position. This is to do with learning about the flow of abundance and feelings of abandonment. When it hasn't yet been mastered, there can be BIG ups and downs with the flow of money and income.

Match that with the 9-9 if they are resistant to claiming their power, using their intuition, or out of balance, and it makes for a very interesting combination indeed, particularly if you are self employed and run your own business.

Soul Plan Limiting Beliefs

Each of the 22 Soul Plan Aspects has specific limiting beliefs, self-help methods, and specific suggested therapeutic interventions attached.

Limiting beliefs for the 9-9 include: I have no power. I can't trust myself. I hate myself. People are out to get me . . . . . .

Limiting beliefs for the 4-4 include: I am unworthy. I am blocked. I am rejected. I cannot reproduce (in a financial sense it can represent difficulty replicating/reproducing, and generating money) . . . . .

Really Accurate

The feedback below is from an attendee at the ‘50 Soul Plans’ Webinar event in 2018.

"Thank you so much Marilyn. That was fantastic. It was really accurate and just what I needed." Soul Plan Teleseminar 2018 Participant

Game On!

The 2018 '50 Soul Plans' Webinar was brilliant, so I look forward to next levelling on that.

Thank you to everyone who has booked. I was going to send the first batch of Soul Plans out next week, however might have time to do a few this week as well, so keep a lookout in your email inbox.

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Below is the conversation thread from the person this Soul Plan belongs to:

"That’s so funny as I was just on the post wondering if it was me when your message pinged through!
Sounds about right with money and power, these are all pertinent right now, never feel in control with money, and would like to work for myself but that brings up so much fear and resistance to even getting really started!"


"Absolutely! It’s the perfect time for me to get the plan!
Yes, that’s fine, it’s spot on!"

This is such seriously cool stuff. I am also going to design a few #Huna Clearing Processes for the Webinar based upon that feedback.

Unbelievably Accurate

Another of the previous Soul Plan Teleseminar attendees said:

“Thank you for an amazing call - it’s unbelievable how accurate it is about me!”

What’s Included in the Webinar?

Once you sign up your purchase includes:

  • PDF copy of your written Soul Plan Report via email.
  • Attendance at the live Soul Plan Reading Video Webinar. A replay recording will be available if you are unable to join us live.
  • Soul Plan Re-Alignment Guided Meditation.
  • Huna Energy Clearing Process.

The Investment That Keeps On Giving

The Soul Plan Report is definitely a document that keeps on giving, and you have lifetime access to the Video Webinar Readings.

Below is the feedback one of my Soul Plan Reading clients shared about revisiting her Soul Plan after the Reading.

Kate said:

“I’ve just revisited my Soul Plan 7 months after the initial Reading. Somehow it seems to resonate even more now! If you are ‘on the fence’ about whether to take up this amazing offer, I can highly recommend it.” Kate Thomas,

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