Struggling with Transitioning Out of Lockdown? This Happened After Just 3 Transatlantic Sessons

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  1. Have you been feeling the pressure of lockdown or experienced a sense of overwhelm as you deal with it all and contemplate the "new normal?"
  2. Do you also have the pressure of running your own business, or worrying about flexible and remote working, and the future of the work and business landscape?
  3. Imagine going from overwhelm and feeling powerless, to seeing life as miraculous and thrilling in a matter of hours, regardless of where you're based?

If it’s a “yes” to any of the above, read on!

Covid19 Lockdown Stress How to Transition Out

Does #online or phone #Coaching work and can it help with the situations and scenarios outlined above? I’ve been asked this question a lot of late.

This is from one of my business owner clients in Australia after just 3 Sessions; I am based in the UK. They run a Coffee Shop and Cafe, and were feeling the pressures of:

  • Having to temporarily close their business.
  • Being with their partner 24-7.
  • Coping with having a young child at home all day.

I’m sure many of you have already discovered how overwhelming just one of those aspects can be.

It almost feels as though it will take forever to regain your sense of balance, focus, emotional and mental wellbeing, and sanity.

From Powerless to Thrilling

Imagine going from feeling powerless, to seeing life as “miraculous and thrilling” in just a matter of hours.

Breakthrough Session Results with Marilyn Devonish

I received the email below a few hours after our third Skype Breakthrough Coaching Session:

"Hi Marilyn,
Hope you are having a lovely morning.
I thought I would share my miracle experience today.
A customer from our old shop is extremely spiritual. He connects with the 7 planes. Anchors in energy points around the world where needed. I never really understood what he was saying but he would always come into the shop and when he would leave, I would be left feeling bedazzled and confused.
We always seemed to cross paths randomly in different places.
For the past year I have been hoping we would cross paths as I felt I needed his guidance.
I was walking back to the bakery from the front of house and I saw him standing outside the back door. He was taking photos of his wife in front of this beautiful aboriginal painting on our cafe wall. It was purely random and his wife was guided to go to that wall. She is doing a project with some aboriginal artists.
I instantly knew that this was my miracle. We all were stunned at what transpired today as it was completely random.
We spent hours talking about energy & purpose. It was so special.
Thanks for the amazing sessions. The magic of life is transpiring even faster, it is so thrilling 🙏
Photo for reference 💕"

What a Difference 6 Hours Makes

It is incredible how a lifetime worth of stuff can be resolved an lifted in such a short space of time.

When I first started out as a Coach and Therapist 20 years ago, for the first few years, even though I knew the power of energy and focus, I got it into my head that “everything” had to be done face-to-face.

It wasn’t until a client called me from “Birmingham” to book a Breakthrough Session after reading one of my articles in Psychologies Magazine. I explained it was an easy trip from Birmingham to Watford because there’s a direct train service, it was then she clarified she was in “Birmingham Alabama in the United States.”

Because she was so keen to do the Breakthrough Session after what I had shared in the article I made an agreement. I said I would do the Breakthrough Session as a Series of telephone Sessions as opposed to my usual 1-Day Breakthrough Session, and if at the end of that time I wasn’t happy with the result I would give her a full refund.

To this day, almost 2 decades later, it is still one of the best Timeline Therapy Sessions I have ever done.

From London to Australia - Global TranceFormation

Below is feedback from another of my clients out in Australia who is taking part in my 3-6 Month TranceFormation Program:

“Thank you for your wisdom, vast array of knowledge and your ability to facilitate the right process for the right time ( synchronicity) and tailored to the client.
Have a good weekend
Roxanne x”

Not Ready to Get Started Right Now?

During lockdown I extended my Christmas Gift Voucher Offer, which means you can purchase one or a series of Coaching Sessions for £90 instead of £150 per hour; if you haven’t been financially impacted by the covid19 pandemic and lockdown, the full price links are below.

The £60 Saving Gift Voucher link:

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Email to decide upon dates rather than using the calendar, because things are changing rapidly with press interviews, writing, and virtual speaking engagements.

You can read more about the Breakthrough Sessions here:

How Long Are the Gift Vouchers Valid?

Marilyn Devonish TranceFormationsTM Gift Voucher

I haven’t put a time limit on them. The longest I’ve honoured a pre-booking in the days before I had gift vouchers, was 10 years. I suggest however you don’t leave it quite that long!

Flexible and Remote Working Books

If you are also facing the challenges of flexible and remote working, or if working from home will become part of your “New Normal”, Marilyn Devonish has co-Authored 2 books on the subject.

The books are aimed at both business owners, and individuals struggling to adapt.

You can purchased the books using the links below:

Running a Business in Times of Crisis:

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I will be running free Effective Remote Working Video Webinar. Simply email me a copy of your purchase receipt to be invited.

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About Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess™ Coach, has been a Flexible Working Implementation Consultant since 2003, which means going into organisations to implement smart, remote, and flexible working policy and strategies, and manage the psychological implications of working from home and online. She holds a Business Degree, Post Graduate Marketing Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and is a Management Consultant, Prince2 Project Manager, Change Management Specialist, and Corporate Leadership Development Trainer, delivering Programs both offline and online.

She is also a Certified Life and Executive Coach, Certified PhotoReading™ Accelerated Learning Instructor, Certified Trainer of NLP, Keynote Speaker, Off and Online Workshop Facilitator, Freelance Writer, and Certified Multi-Disciplinary Therapist including Soul Plan Reader, Future Life Progression, Certified Trainer of Timeline Therapy, and Practitioner of EFT, DNA Theta Healing, EmoTrance, Energetic NLP, Access Consciousness, Reiki, Archetypal Profiling, Soul Plan Core Issue Therapy, and Hawaiian Huna, having studied out in Hawaii with those from the original lineage. A Personal Trainer for Your Brain, Marilyn blends aspects of neuroscience with personal development to make accelerated performance and mindset changes more easily accessible to all.

Marilyn is also the Founder of TranceFormations™, a Coaching, Training and Consultancy organisation committed to creating impactful and lasting rapid transformation and change. Her journey into these disciplines started with being diagnosed with what they thought to be early onset Alzheimer’s in her 20s, and contemplating suicide in her 30s after a relationship breakup. Having found a quick, easy, and lasting way to turn that diagnosis and things around 20 years ago, she has been working with both individuals and organisations since then to help accelerate their potential and performance.

You can view her Online Resume HERE

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