Got a grumpy teenager who doesn't want to study? Here's how to change that in 2 days!

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The Instant TranceFormation of the Grumpy Teenage Boy

From the grumpy teenager: "I didn't want to get out of bed to attend the PhotoReading Workshop."

To: "I have got a skill I can use forever and teach the next generation."

This was from the 13 year old young man who very reluctantly attended my PhotoReading Workshop on Friday afternoon. He apparently also tried to lock himself in the car.

From Reading is a "Waste of time" to "Excitement"

In just 2 days he went from: "Reading is boring and a waste of time" to being excited about reading and seeing the point of it.

His mum is delighted and said: "He has found a great way of improving his skill set."

He also learnt new things about chemistry and geography and built his Mind Mapping skills which will invaluable in his exams, as one of my adult clients who had gone back to professional study recently found out having failed an exam.

From Failure to Calm and Focused

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From "fear and panic" to "Calm and Focused" with this 1-Day Online Training

My PhotoReading Online DVD client had failed her professional Counselling exam and was in a panic about doing the resit. It was a new endeavour for her, and with not much time available she decided to purchase my 1-Day PhotoReading Intro. She said:

"When it came to me sitting my exams a few weeks later I was calm and focused. Thank you Marilyn this is totally inspiring."

See Your Study Notes During the Exam in Your Minds Eye

She was also able to "see" her Mind Map in her mind which is one of the strategies I teach.

You will find further information about the Online Instant Access Video Course here:

The PhotoReading and NeuroSuccess with a dash of Huna Workshop really is Life Changing and a Game Changer.

From Teenager and Student to Teacher

It always happens on my Workshops when parents attend with their children. The parents think they are there to chaperone and keep an eye when in fact it is the reverse and pretty quickly the student becomes the teacher and all of the adults, myself included, learn from them.

Thank you D for attending and being brave enough to overcome your fears doubts and insecurities and show us all a thing or two! Here's to a fabulous new future.

Learn this Amazing Skill Live Online

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The video Webinar Training means you can take part from anywhere in the world and learn with me in real time. As well as going through the whole 2.5 Day PhotoReading Workshop complete with PowerPoint slides and handouts and Course Materials, there is also an Online Chat Room plus the facility to open up your microphone and ask questions just as you would in a live Workshop.

The PhotoReading Course Materials
You will receive virtual pdf and mp3 downloads of the Course Materials

This one is a world first to act quickly if you don't want to miss out!

Additional Information and Resources

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Marilyn Devonish, The NeuroSuccess Coach

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