The Online Virtual Marketplace Event - Do You Want an Online Store for the Day?

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Want to have your own online store at the Virtual Marketplace Event? I'm looking to run an online store day, where vendors and businesses from around the world come together to sell their products and services. You could be a coach, therapist, author, MLM business associate, entrepreneur, or already have a traditional brick and mortar store.

Below I have answered the basic question about the event and how you can get involved with the event. I’ve also recorded a video if you prefer to watch and listen rather than read.


Exciting News!!!

For those who purchased a £35 pre-launch place, you will also receive an online store for 6 months.

Your Free Bonus Online Store as a Fast Start Thank You Bonus

I have added details to the end of this blog.

Online Store Virtual Marketplace Event

If you would like a virtual store for the day, get in touch. You don't need any technical skills, it will be a case of uploading product pictures, descriptions, and prices to your store; if you can do social media posts, you can do it. If, however, you are really technically challenged, we can discuss having that done for you once you have sent the required information over.

If you're interested, CLICK HERE to register your interest. It’s a form where you enter your name and email address so I can keep you updated on how things are progressing.

What Can You Sell?

You can offer physical products, you handle the shipping, and also on-demand online digital products such as mp3 audio recordings, ebooks and PDF courses, and video workshops. For example, you might have a skincare MLM, sell greetings cards, wonderful vibrational bath sales, sell jewelry, or be an Author, Coach, Trainer, or run clothing or Amazon store. So long as it's legal, the only real limit is your imagination.

It’s a virtual marketplace. Each online store is a different entrepreneur.

What is the Date?

There isn’t one yet until I get the core group of online retailers and entrepreneurs together, and the date potentially doesn’t matter because it will be a virtual marketplace, which means you don't have to be there on the day.

Your store can work for you whilst you're off doing other things. You'll have your own individual store control panel to track visitor numbers and sales from wherever you are on market day.

That said, I might set up a virtual 'Watercooler' room where prospective clients can drop in for an (audio) chat, which you'll be able to access on your mobile phone.

Who is this For?

Whether you’re new to the online store space and have never done it before, or are a seasoned virtual retailer, this day is for you.

Video Overview

What Does a Basic Online Store Look Like?

My first online store is below to give you a flavour of the basic requirements.

Marilyn Devonish New Online Store
Example of my new online store

You’ll need to have an item name, short description, photograph, and price.

How Long is the Event?

Initially, I am thinking one day, however technically it will be 2 days, because I’ll have the marketplace run for 24 hours so we can cover all time zones.

Open All Hours

How Does Payment Work?

Purchasers buy from individual stores, and add the items to their basket, similar to the way you shop using something like Amazon. At the end of the event, you receive your funds minus 12%, which also covers card processing fees.*

Customers can shop using PayPal or Stripe/credit card

It is currently £35 to take part and have your virtual store for the event.*

Why Am I Doing It?

I thought it would be a fabulous way to bring great products and people together, and provide a platform for those who don’t have the time or knowhow to get it all set up themselves.

To register your interest, or book a virtual slot, go to:

Your Free Bonus Online Store

Those of you who purchased a virtual marketplace £35 pre-launch spot will also get a free online store for 6 months. Thank you for taking action and taking the leap to come and play.

Your Free Bonus Online Store

I’ve just set myself up as a test store to walk through the process and make sure it all works; see pictures below. You:

  1. Login
  2. Choose a password.
  3. Link your PayPal or Stripe account.
  4. Upload your product photos and write the descriptions.
  5. Share the link with the world.
  6. Press the other buttons in your new back office and familiarise yourself with all the extra functionality which is there if you choose to use it.
Your Online Store Backoffice
Your Online Store Back Office

You can track your orders. Add various free plugins. Change the general look and feel of your store at the click of one button. If you ship physical products, there’s an integration with Shippo.

CLICK HERE to take a look at the first store I started working on last week in the comments to give you a flavour of what your store will look like. You can choose from one of 5 different themes, so it won’t look exactly the same but it at least gives you an idea.

I’ll ping out an email shortly with details I need to get your (temporary) store name set up. I say temporary, because you can also add a custom domain if you want to.

If you’ve been wanting to move into the online world, and use something which you can have up and running within 10 minutes, congratulations

Next Steps & Contact Information

Register your interest:

View pre-launch online store:


You can also use the contact form below.

We do reserve the right to refuse applications.

*Prices and commissions are subject to change depending upon when you sign up. The £35 sign up and set up fee, and 12% commission is for the pre-launch phase.

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