The Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest - Your Final Call for this Life Changing Event

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“There is nothing like this out there!” I’ve been having a look through the feedback for the Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop.

A selection of MBS Energy Fest Feedback Forms

When asked would you recommend the workshop?

Certainly. Yes, I love that there is always something new. Yes. Yes, absolutely. Yes - yes - yes. Absolutely.

When asked what words you would use to describe the event:

Phenomenal, enlightening, welcoming, moving, life-changing, amazing, refreshing, soul searching, blissful, loving, fun, marvellous, emboldening, fantastic, lovely, inspiring, sad, happy, funny, comforting, powerful, freeing, friendly, energising, transformational, magical. The words inspiring, amazing, enlightening, inspirational came up over and over again.

When asked for a comment for future promotional literature:

Lifetime opportunity. Do not miss under any circumstances.

Life changing.

Only do this if you are brave enough.

The MBS is the perfect weekend to review the year, clear the blockages which have stopped you meeting your goals, set new goals for the next year, and hav fun whilst doing so with a group of loving supporting people. (I give people the chance to feedback anonymously. I have no idea who wrote this).

You have family that you are born into and you have family that comes together at Marilyn’s careful and insightful guidance.

There is nothing like this out there! Very enlightening and moving - revealing and inspiring.

When asked about the biggest impact of the day so far:

Going within and really finding myself. The knowledge and understanding bestowed upon me makes like so much more exciting.

Clearing the anxiety that I walked into the group with regarding a situation.

Every year clearing more and more of my blockages to changing what I want to do to be more in alignment with what I feel I was put on this earth to do and be.

This workshop is a yearly point of pause/reflection/work through stuff/move on.

A walkthrough the woods (it’s a spiritual process created by Gina Batt).

Feeling so ready for the new year.

How I feel refreshed to go back out into the Muggle world - after reuniting with my lovely spiritual family in Watford.

When asked about the best part of the event:

Loved the black and white cards. The silver lining cards. Timeline meditations from both Marilyn and Ask Gina. The yoga sessions. The Soul Plan Sessions. I now release my feelings of …… The theory. The embodiment. Networking with family! The new therory. The year it was individual clearing work. The doing of stuff. All sorts of different processes. If you don’t get it sorted one way, it will be sorted another way. Group clearing. Love everything, especially walking through the woods. Hugs. It was nice bringing another person into the room. Helping focus more on my goal for next year and get free of relevant blocks.

How would you rate the speakers and sessions?

Everyone said 10/10.

Phew. That was just one batch of feedback forms. It was actually quite moving to read them all. Pretty much everyone, whether it was their 9th year, or their first time in amongst what started out as a room full of strangers, said it felt like family.

It Has Been a Life Changing 10 Years

Below is the feedback from one of the attendees at our first event in 2011.

Feedback from Ammana Shaka following our first MBS Event. We of course make no financial claims.

WOW. How amazing is that?

If you have missed truly connecting with a likeminded group of welcoming people from a range of different backgrounds, take the final opportunity to join us next year the the 10th Annual Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Workshop.

Live Workshop Information

Date: Saturday 28th January 2023

Location: Jury’s Inn/ Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland – Formerly Jurys Inn Watford.

Event booking page:

I’ll also bring the Fate & Fortune magazine along with me, and do some mini Readings for you all!

The Fate & Fortune Magazine Psychic Challenge

We’ve had a good run, and we plan to go out with the same #lifechanging bang with which we arrived back in 2011.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Gina Batt (Purple) and Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish & Clairvoyant Gina Batt

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