Top Picks for Achieving Your New Year Resolutions

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New Year is the time where much of the world is focused on New Year Resolutions, setting goals, letting go of the old, ringing in the new, and making decisions about new boundaries or directions.

It is also something you can do at any time of the year. I've been asked where to begin on a journey of change, transformation, letting go, or starting again so I have compiled my top picks in terms of what has most helped both me and my clients over the past 18 years, with a brief explanation of why and when you might choose each one.

Your Starter for 10

  1. What is your focus?
  2. What is your outcome?

These are the 2 questions I ask at the beginning of the Breakthrough or Coaching Session. In the context of the New Year where your focus is regarding your ‘Wheel of Life’ is a great starting point for deciding upon your main focus or starting point.

Overview of Potential Starting Points

  1. Life Purpose & Achieving Your Goals and Dreams
  2. Next Steps & Life Direction
  3. Reflections Permission & Realisations
  4. Motivation & Confidence
  5. An Insight into Your Future
  6. Deeper Issues & Lifelong Beliefs
  7. It’s Deep but Not that Deep
  8. Life and Business Skills

There is also a list of Additional Areas and Free Resources at the end of this Blog. I have also included the link where you can sign up to be included when I am testing out new Processes and looking for volunteers.

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This Blog also contains explanatory videos, links to previous client success stories, and some free Online Quizzes to help you get greater clarity and delve deeper.

This is a 9 minute read if you're not a PhotoReaders so below is one of the Quiz links if you want to do this in a more interactive way:

Is Now the Right Time for Listening to the Calling of Your Soul?

1. Life Purpose & Achieving Your Goals and Dreams: Soul Plan Reading

If your focus is on goals, exploring why you are here, your life purpose, the calling and destiny of your soul I would recommend you start with a Soul Plan Reading. My clients have described it like seeing the Blueprint of their life mapped out on 5 sheets of paper. Beyond the initial Soul Plan Report a full Reading is deep profound and enlightening and not only explains where you have been and gives greater understanding to many of life’s trials and tribulations, it also offers incredible guidance to next steps and a more fulfilling and aligned life path.

Tips on How to Find & Live Your Life Purpose:

You can listen to one of my Soul Plan Radio Interview below:

Lisa Bent Radio Interview with Marilyn Devonish

The Soul Plan in Action

If you’ve never seen a Soul Plan Report you can view one here:

You can find out more about Soul Plans and book a Session here:

2. Next Steps & Life Direction: Archetypal Journey Profile

Book Your Archetypal Journey Profile Session
The Story of Our Lives

If you’re all set for knowing why you are here and where your greatest gifts and Worldly and Spiritual Goals and Talents lie, but you feel stuck or lack a sense of next steps and clear path and direction I would recommend an Archetypal Profile Session.

Archetypes map the entire life journey and encompasses the human story. There’s a lot to explain with the Archetypes however I included two options to help you get started.

Take the Archetypal Journey Online Quiz:

Watch the Intro Video Webinar: If you are on my eNewsletter list, I will send out a code where you can access this Video Session for free.

I have listed the 12 Key Archetypes laid out by Jung on my website where you can also book a Reading and Session:

3. Reflections Permission & Realisations: Angel Tarot Reading

Book Your Angel Tarot Card Reading
Angel Tarot Card Reading Client Testimonial

If you already know all about your Archetypal Shadows or how your Worldly Spiritual and Soul Challenges might hold you back or stopping and blocking your progress, I would suggest an Angel Tarot Card Reading. Those of you who follow the Tarot Tuesday exploits on Facebook will already know how jaw droppingly accurate these Readings are in picking up on what is vibrationally, energetically and spiritually going on for you.

I did a side-by-side comparison of some Readings I do as a free bonus every month for those in my Membership Group. You can read it here:

You can also see the Mediumship side of them at work in the video below:

There’s also a Blog about it if you prefer to read rather than watch and listen.

The reason I used the word ‘permission’ is because people often get such clarity and confirmation from the cards it gives them permission to move on or forwards.

The tiers of Readings available are on my website:

As we kick off the New Year, I will also do a few Year Ahead 12-Card Angel Tarot Readings. There isn’t a booking option for them on the Website so use the 90-Minute option booking.

4. Motivation & Confidence: Core Issue Therapy

Book Your Core Issue Soul Transformation Session
Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy Session Testimonial

If you have already explored, all the above yet you are at a point where something still seems to be missing or holding you back I would recommend a Core Issue Therapy Soul Transformation Session. My final client Session of last year summed it up. They were based out in the Philippines so we did a Skype Session. Even though they had a clear idea of their life goals and had mapped out a plan, they lacked motivation and follow through and weren’t confident about taking the next step. They said after the Session:

“I felt a bolt of new and fresh energy within me. I feel a strong kind of confidence I’ve never felt before. I can now move forward and so excited to follow through my creative vision.
Thanks. And Huna really is intensely amazing. :)“

To book a Soul Plan Core Issue Therapy Session go to:

5. A Look in Your Future: Future Life Progression

The Incredible Power of FLP

If you want to go out and get an often “jaw droppingly accurate” insight into your future I would recommend a Future Life Progression Session. These have been amazing. Rather than reproduce the incredible client success stories here you can read two Blogs below.

The £100K weekend:

Meeting the Man of the Future:

FLP in Action

I also created 2 videos highlighting some of my clients’ experiences.

The Power and Outcome of FLP
The £100k Future Idea

6. Deeper Issues & Lifelong Beliefs: Breakthrough Session

Metro Newspaper Article Featuring the Marilyn Devonish Breakthrough Session
The Metro Newspaper Journalist Breakthrough Session

If you know your issues go beyond gaining more clarity about purpose, direction or next steps I would recommend a Breakthrough Session. It dramatically changed my life forever back in October 2000. You can read more about my experience of that here:

With the Breakthrough Session we take a broader view and look at resolving old negative emotions; fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, sadness, etc., and limiting beliefs; things like not being worthy, good enough, capable enough etc.

A Breakthrough Session is full day as opposed to just 60-minute – 2-hour Reading or Session. You can read about the impact of the Breakthrough Session here:

You can read the Metro Newspaper Article here:

7. It’s Deep but Not that Deep: Power of 4 Program

Book Your Power of 4 Bespoke Session
The Power of 4 Program Created by Marilyn Devonish

I created something for my clients last year after seeing how much resonance and connection there was between people doing a series of individual and seemingly unrelated Sessions. The overall synergy between them was quite something so I created the Power of 4 Program where we do a:

  • Soul Plan Reading
  • Huna and Access Consciousness Energy Clearing
  • Future Life Progression Session
  • Angel Tarot Card Reading

You will find further information here:

You can read about what a client who went through the P4 Program has to say about the experience:

8. Life and Business Skills: PhotoReading Training

Sign up for the next PhotoReading Workshop
Reaction to the Bonus Huna Energy Clearing & PhotoReading Belief Change Session

If your focus is on improving both your life and business skills, I would recommend PhotoReading. As the last attendees put it:

“Applicable Magic. It opens us up to a way of applying the magic that exists in everyday life. You’re reading between the lines, and looking beyond the layers of a person.”
Another said: “I shouldn’t be surprised at any of this given your whole vibe, but I am!”

I always say PhotoReading goes way beyond reading.

You can either join me for the next live Workshop or take part from the comfort of your own business or home via the new Online Video Webinar Training which is the full 3-Day Certification class and another world first from me. You will find details here:

The Global PhotoReading Video Webinar Training
PhotoReading Video Webinar Testimonial - The Training is Now Global!

Feedback from the first Webinar attendees included:

“5 words...Inspiring, creative, intensive, engaging, brilliant”
“5 words: Fun. Energising. Mind expansive. Effective.”
“Marilyn is energetic and engaging, always ready to support, keeps you moving and on track throughout the course.
Wow! This is a simple yet incredibly powerful and liberating skill to have that transforms and skyrockets the ability to absorb and recall information when needed.”
“Thank you for an intensive and unforgettable weekend of training. Your energy is incredible and something I will definitely keep in mind to practice to emulate!”

For the live PhotoReading Workshop go to:

To purchase the Video Webinar Certification Training go to:

You can get started with this life changing training as soon as today!

Overview of Suggested Sessions Links

Soul Plan Reading:

Archetypal Journey Profiling:

Angel Tarot Card Reading:

Core Issue Therapy:

Future Life Progression: (There isn't a booking page for FLP)

Breakthrough Session: (By Appointment) You can download the Overview Brochure here: There is a booking link on this Blog (just ignore the thing about the £400 saving, that was something for my clients and eNewsletter list):

Power of 4 Program:

PhotoReading Workshop:

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This isn’t an exhaustive list so if you wanted to arrange a 15-minute Skype or telephone Consultation let me know. You can send me an email or use the Contact Form below.

And you don't have to wait until for the mythical time of New Year Resolutions to get started. My big transformation took place in October 2000 and it set me up beautifully not just for the year ahead, also for the rest of my life. You can read more about my story here.


The Archetypal Journey Quiz
The Archetypal Journey Quiz
Take the Online Therapy Quiz
The Archetypal Journey Quiz

I also created an Online Quiz to help you get greater clarity. You can take part here:

The Archetypal Journey Quiz:

If you wanted to have a fun think about your Relationship choices and patterns take my Buffy Boyfriend Quiz:

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