What is Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy?

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It's the new Offer of the Month and I've had a few questions so here's a quick Q&A and video overview about the Soul Transformation Sessions. (If you just want to see the offer CLICK HERE!)

Offer of the Month Soul Transformation

What is Soul Transformation Core Issue Therapy? - Answer from the Modality Creator

The Soul Plan Cards
The Soul Plan Cards

Rather than me explain below is a summary from the creator, Blue Marsden:

"A new course came through to me in 2013 which I have taught many times in Japan but never in the UK until October 2015. Last weekend I tried it out with some of our Soul Plan teachers and a few advanced practitioners (of which Marilyn Devonish was one). We had an amazing and transformational few days and I think it will work very well in English too.
Core Issue Therapy promises to prove invaluable for all those looking for a way of identifying current Soul Plan blockages and offering a Soul Plan related system for helping clients move forward post their readings.
Here's more information about how the Soul Plan CIT has been progressing:
The last two years in Japan has seen many counsellors, therapists and even doctors offering a new modality - Core Issue Therapy also known in Japan as Soul Plan CIT. This unique modality can be offered completely independently of a Soul Plan Reading and it does not require information on a persons birth name.
This new channelled therapy system uses a playing card size Soul Plan Tarot deck to help diagnose the polarity (we are all affected by polarity challenges even if not in our chart) and then the specific challenge issue which is blocking a person from more fully connecting with their purpose and Soul Plan potential at any time.
The method provides several healing interventions to clear blockages which includes a tree of life soul retrieval method, an energy psychology / dynamic energy healing method and Soul Plan Archetype work.
Many widely trained therapists in Japan commented that this modality puts together the essence of their favourite modalities into a very clear and structured package and we always end with a 'Soul Plan future reading' which points a way forward for the clients post the healing intervention. Besides attaining a new healing modality it is very beneficial on a personal level."
Soul Plan Cards

Is it the Same as a Soul Plan Reading?

No. It is related to the written Soul Plan Report because it works with the 22 Soul Plan symbols however that is where the similarity ends. The Soul Transformation work uses Soul Plan cards for doing the diagnostics and closing Readings. We don't use them when doing the Soul Plan Readings based on the written Soul Plan Reports.

How Does It Work?

The method then provides up to seven healing interventions to clear blockages which includes a tree of life soul retrieval method, an energy psychology / dynamic energy healing method and Soul Plan Archetype work.

We start with choosing one of the 7 polarity cards. From there we choose from the full 22 card deck to identify the Separation Pattern, as in what is stopping or blocking you.

Photographer: Mario Azzi | Source: Unsplash

What are the Separation Patterns

There are 154 potential combinations which I won't go into here. To give you a flavour they include:

  • Unresolved grief.
  • Grudges and stagnation.
  • Missing Soul fragment.
  • Embodiment trauma.
  • Control issue.
  • Crown Chakra blockage
  • Guilt pattern.
  • Unspecified trauma.
  • Fear of exposure.
  • Abundance issue.
  • Giving power away.
  • Oversensitivity issue.
  • Entity/discordant energy.
  • Implant/etheric crystal/Atlantean distortion.
  • Unintegrated male/female side.
  • Heart chakra blockage.

There are a lot more however you get the idea!

How Do You Resolve the Separation Pattern?

Each of the Separation Patterns is linked to Intervention/Guided Process which I will take you through. The Interventions include:

  • Soul Plan Hologram Reading.
  • Cord Balancing and Vow Break.
  • Soul Retrieval.
  • Soul Plan Trauma Release.
  • Boundary Tapping and Infinity Rewiring.
  • Archetypes.
  • Odic Bonding.

Again, too much to explain here however all will be revealed during your Session when we do the diagnostic to determine what we specifically need to work on for you.

Client Testimonials About the Soul Transformation CIT Sessions

Client Testimonials

"OMG!!! That is so spot on it’s freaky! No wonder I’ve not been able to move on with the best will in the world."

"It was very powerful so I’m really speechless and it feels like whatever you need just comes up in the (Soul Plan) cards. The first card about Assimilation and Structure and harmony is really spot on for me, and the polarity of life and death is almost connected to the Archetypes (which later came up as the required Intervention work)."

"I have done similar processes with the Archetypes work so this is not new for me but this process today is really really powerful because it’s shifted stuff I wasn’t even aware of . . . It’s amazing. Thank you so much Marilyn. I would say it’s been life changing, and I think I need the rest of the week to process this!!"

"Oh oh, now I’m in a different body, but that’s good!” It’s like the cape or the dress that I’ve been wearing feels lighter, and the energy around me has changed in such a short space of time. I can feel it already, I feel lighter because there are aspects of yourself that you know about but you don’t know what to do with them, and this process is so powerful. Sometimes you don’t know what is sabotaging you. . . this process is crazy. Wow!!!!"

Another client was feeling fed up, defeated, struggling physically and lacking energy, feeling frustrated, de-energised, procrastinating, feeling helpless as though at the whim of others, had fallen into victim mode mentality and felt as though they had literally been knocked down.

I like to benchmark my sessions so I asked how they would know that the Soul Transformation Session had been a success regardless of the immediate outside forces. They said: "I will get up. That’s how I’ll know."

After the Soul Transformation Session the client said:

"When I did the final piece of seeing an image of myself in the future I could see people lining up and following me, people who are inspired by my work, and it went from one to many really quickly.

I had set myself a challenge to say I would get up, and I got up, and stood up, and started pacing. When you did the Forgiveness piece about integrating with those part of myself I felt the weirdest tingling feeling in my root chakra, it was an insane tingling and was totally totally weird, and by the time I went into the upper realm (this is part of the Soul Retrieval Process), I was sat up, bullet straight, and the energy pushed me up and straightened me up, and then as I saw myself in the future I literally felt as though the energy was lifting me up.

When we started I felt as though I was slouched down in the corner, and during that process I felt myself being lifted up. I definitely feel that I’ve moved 4 or 5 levels up on the energy scale because I was down in the black today before this call.

I feel different in my body already and it feels like a weight has been lifted."

How and Where Do the Sessions Take Place?

The Marilyn Devonish Virtual Meeting Room

The 1-Hour Sessions take place via either telephone, Skype or my Online Virtual Meeting Room.

Where Can You Find More Information?

For further information go to my main website: https://tranceformationstm.com/soulplan/

You can also watch my video overview below:

How do you book a Session?

If you are reading this during the September Offer of the Month go to: https://marilyndevonish.thrivecart.com/soul-transformation-session-offer2/ (Offer1 for my eNewsletter list has now expired). Outside of the current offer use my main website above.

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