Coronavirus: Are You Afraid of Public Speaking?

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This weekend Boris Johnson is expected to announce the recommendation for: "Increased home working" after lockdown and self isolation are eased.

If you are realising being camera ready and public speaking isn't going away anytime soon, and you're not a big fan or want to next level your presentation skills, check out my 1-Day Online Fearless Public Speaking Video Webinar Workshop.

I have shared a few of my favourite starter tips below.

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Starter Tips

Pinpoint. It’s often not “all public speaking”, so pinpoint and identify what the specific fear or challenge is for you, for example, is it speaking to small groups? Large groups? People you know? Complete strangers? The drivers behind each of these tends to be different, so it is important to know what you are dealing with.

Mind Set. The mind plays an enormous role in overcoming the fear of public speaking, so identify whether your mind is working for, or against you. When you think of resolving your fear of “public speaking” “presentation skills” or being “live on camera”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s a negative thought, that chances are your mind isn’t onside.

Message vs. Messenger. Focus on your message rather than being the messenger. Psychologically, this puts your audience centre stage rather than the whole spotlight or virtual focus being on you.

Tangerine Technique. If you are a PhotoReader, use the Tangerine Technique. This one 60-second process can immediately turn things around both physically and psychologically. We discuss it in detail in my Online Fearless Public Speaking Workshop and there is also a Guided Meditation.

Light. Even those who were terrified have gotten over their fears, often in just a few hours, so take heart, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve shared a few client testimonial videos below.

Dealing with Online Interviews

Organisations, Recruitment Consultants, and candidates now face a new set of rules and parameters, and have to learn to negotiate working online. I was interviewed by The Guardian Newspaper. You can read the full article and my strategies and suggestions here:

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Client Testimonials

One of my clients took my 1-Day On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop over Christmas:

"For those of you who were asking me about my big talk in January and shared my joy that I was so happy with how it had gone... Marilyn Devonish is the awesome lady that enabled me to breathe, think and talk all at the same time - and now - you can do it too!
Whether you get nervous in social settings, on social media, speaking in one to one settings, small groups or big stages ... these techniques work..I’m tapping into what I learned almost every day now ... what’s holding you back from sharing your passions or knowledge.. ?"

Rachel C-k
Educator, Natural Life Coach, Awesome Mama, Oil Lover

From “Petrified” to Multi-Award Winning Speaker

Erika was "petrified" of public speaking when first invited to do a TED Talk. She is now an award-winning speaker and regular Sky TV commentator. She said:

"I remember attending the PhotoReading Course with Marilyn Devonish and being worried about a pending TEDx talk I was scheduled to deliver in just over a months’ time... I was petrified.. I didn't see myself as a speaker, and while I knew I had a powerful story to share I wasn't sure how to deliver it and had racked up a few negative experiences around public speaking in the past!

When I heard about The Magic Programme I jumped at the chance to participate. I knew it was for me as I needed a little magic in my life.. If only to make it through the TEDx talk.

I worked through my speaking angst with a combination of Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with Marilyn and Matrix Reimprinting and went on to deliver a talk that has now been watched and shared by over 1000 people. That, however was just the beginning . . . Since then I have been asked to speak at several events. From meetups to the BBC and each and every time I have delivered beyond my wildest expectations and to high acclaim...

Simply MAGIC!

If you're thinking about enrolling on the Magic Programme and wondering if it’s the right thing to do... Take a look at the clip below and click the sign up button. It's certainly worth every penny."

If you're home alone or want to next level your Zoom skills during #lockdown#selfisolation #workingfromhome book yourself or a team member on my 1-Day Online Fearless Public Speaking Video Webinar Workshop. Go to:

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Marilyn Devonish
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I used to be terrified of public speaking and could barely talk to my own family or speak up in meetings. Once I learnt how to turn that around using the same strategies, tools, and techniques I share in the Fearless Public Speaking Video Webinar Workshop, not only did I love taking centre stage, I have also spent the past 20 years both privately Coaching, and teaching and training other business execs, and practitioners how to do the same.

I have also been conducting Online Coaching and Therapy Sessions since 2005 so all processes and techniques have been tried and tested thousands of times to ensure they are fit for purpose and translate from offline to online.

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