The Marilyn Devonish Gregg Braden Interview

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Continuing the 'In Conversation with' Series I am delighted to announce my first interview for 2019 is with New York Times Best Selling Author Gregg Braden. You can reserve your free ticket for the live Online Webinar here:

About Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden is a five-time New York Times best-selling author, and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential!

Gregg Braden Interview with Marilyn Devonish
The Marilyn Devonish Gregg Braden Interview

From 1979 to 1990 Gregg worked for Fortune 500 companies as a problem solver during times of crisis. He continues problem-solving today as he weaves modern science, and the wisdom preserved in remote monasteries and forgotten texts into real world solutions.

His discoveries have led to 12 award-winning books now published in over 40 languages. Gregg has shared his presentations with The United Nations, Fortune 500 companies and the U. S. military, and he is now featured in media specials airing on major networks throughout the world.

The United Kingdom’s Watkins Journal lists Gregg among the top 100 of “the world’s most spiritually influential living people” for the 5th consecutive year, and he is a 2018 nominee for the prestigious Templeton Award. The award was established to honoroutstanding individuals who have devoted their talents to expanding our vision of human purpose and ultimate reality.”

Human by Design

During this live interview we will be talking about Gregg's latest book Human By Design.

A growing body of scientific evidence has overturned 150 years of thinking when it comes to our origin, capabilities and, perhaps most importantly, our potential. The bottom line: Modern humans appeared on earth 200,000 years ago with extraordinary abilities such as intuition, compassion, empathy, love and self-healing already in place rather than developing these abilities slowly and gradually over a long period of time.

Recent advances in DNA analysis show that the current theories of our past cannot explain the complexity, timing and precision of the genetic shifts that make these uniquely human abilities possible. We owe it to ourselves to embrace the new evidence, the story it tells, and the healing it can bring to our lives.

Human by Design by Gregg Braden

We will explore some of life's big questions like: “Who are we?” Why is the answer important? Why does it matter?

Gregg will also talk about some of the new discoveries that have overturned 150 years of scientific thinking when it comes to us: our origin, capabilities and potential.

We might even get into controversial conversation like the problem with Darwin’s theory of evolution when it comes to humans and the reluctance, and even a resistance, to sharing the new human story.

And if you have wondered or heard about the new DNA evidence regarding human evolution Gregg can talk about the new evidence and what it means to us:

What is the mystery of human chromosome number 2?

What is the mystery of human chromosome 7?

If Darwin’s idea of evolution is not our story, then what is our story?

His new book also talks about examples of the extraordinary capabilities made possible by the mysterious changes in our DNA.

Join the Conversation

Marilyn Devonish interviewing Gregg Braden
Marilyn Devonish interviewing Gregg Braden at the TCCHE Conference

If our previous private conversations are anything to go by this interview will be fun, thought provoking, mind opening, and enlightening. Because we've had such wonderful conversations I wanted the opportunity to share some of that with you.

There should also be a bit of time for audience questions so please use the form to submit your question once you have have booked a place.

Gregg Braden Preview

If you haven't yet heard Gregg Braden in action below is a sneak peek taken from The Conference for Consciousness and Human Evolution (TCCHE) annual conference where I am the Host and MC:

Gregg Braden TCCHE Excerpt

A Sneak Peek .....

For a sneak peek into what we'll be talking about and the backstory to how Gregg and I first met watch the video below:

Marilyn Devonish Gregg Braden Interview Preview

About Marilyn Devonish

Marilyn Devonish is the founder of Trance Formations™, a training, consultancy and coaching company committed to improving and transforming the performance of individuals and organisations.

Marilyn has been a Practitioner and Trainer in the field of Personal Development and Transformation since October 2000. Marilyn is a Business Graduate, Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Time Line™ Therapy, and Hypnosis, Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, and a Practitioner of EFT, EmoTrance, Reiki, DNA Theta Healing, Energetic NLP, Access Consciousness, and Hawaiian Huna. Known as The Transformation Lady, Marilyn combines a unique blend of business, esoteric and energy technologies to create a powerful and life changing transformational experience.

An accomplished international speaker and seminar leaders and has run workshops and seminars at the Skyros Holistic Resort in Greece, The Vitality Show at London Olympia, The Call Centre Expo at the NEC in Birmingham, the Integral NLP Conference in Glastonbury, Confex at Earls Court, The Aesthetic Medicine Show at Olympia, The Call Centre & IT Directors Forum aboard The Aurora Cruise Ship. The Clothes Show Live/Eve Style Show at the NEC Birmingham, The Mind of an Entrepreneur at London Olympia, Adornment in London, and The Meeting Content Conference in Frankfurt. Her ‘Life Success’ television show on Sky TV aired from 2007.

Personal Development Qualifications include: Certified Trainer of NLP, Certified PhotoReading™ Instructor, Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy®, Certified Life and Executive Coach, Archetypal Development Coach, Soul Plan Reader, and Practitioner of Hawaiian Huna, EFT, EmoTrance, Reiki, DNA Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, Access Bars, Angel Card Tarot Reader, Past Life Regression, and Future Life Progression.

In addition to her personal development skills and academic achievements,, Marilyn has over 30 years industry experience encompassing Sales, Marketing, Event Management, Training, Education, and Finance, combines these skills in order to provide a unique and powerful performance enhancement experience. Her business and esoteric skills offers a cutting edge approach to both organisational and personal development. She works extensively with blue chip organisations from both the private sector and public sector, and has experience of coaching individuals in Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Her range of skills and experience enable her to work confidently at all levels within an organisation.

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