Do You Have Faith in Yourself?

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Have Faith
As the late George Michael said: "You Gotta Have Faith."

"Not everyone has as much
Faith in me as I have
in myself, and that's OK
I've got more than
enough for all of us."

I received a worried message asking me about my ability to do something.

I Take the Nike Approach

They don't know me very well so won't realise there are times I do things straight out the gate, no practice, no prior knowledge per se, live, yet it will appear to the outside world that I do it all the time.

I call it the 'Nike Approach' where I just get on and do it.

I realise it's because I have a level of faith in myself and my abilities when it comes to this particular area, and I just know it is going to be OK even when I am learning as I go or making it up as I go along.

That said, I have to remember everyone isn't like me and some are not OK taking such perceived risks.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith
Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith

I suppose it I see it like the parachute analogy where you jump or take that leap of faith and your wings magically appear on the way down.

A few years ago, at a time where many were feeling the 'push' of it, the Leap of Faith is a card that came up a LOT in my Angel Tarot Readings, it is also a pivotal part of the Archetypal Journey. If you haven't already explored it you can take the free Archetypal Journey Quiz here:

Live TV with No Notice and No Idea

I remember doing my first ever live TV interview many moons ago. I rocked up to the studio with about 12 hours notice because the person scheduled to appear that day had lost their voice. I had no idea of the format or what I was going to be talking about, and spent most of my preparation time texting family and friends telling them to tune into Sky TV!

When I arrived at the studio I was met by the lovely presenter Hanieh Vidmar - Speaker & Trainer who asked how much live TV I'd done.

My response was: "None. This is my first time."

Her face was a picture until the cameras started rolling.

Had it been a few years prior I would have been terrified and never agreed to such a thing, however having banished my fear of speaking I was just like:

"OK, which camera am I talking to?" I had faith in my ability to do it.
Marilyn Devonish Media Interviews

Talking to Yourself

And while we are on the subject, that show, The Life Success Show, was my first experience of talking to no one because for my monthly solo shows there wasn't a live studio audience, just me in the studio with the cameras, both of which were operated from the sound booth in another location.

A very weird sensation at first however I learnt a lot about audience interaction from that first experience.

Who Has Got Your Back?

If you have your squad around you that is marvellous. If you are lucky enough to have people who believe in you, wonderful. For those who feel as though they are facing the world on their own, these are the times when faith and belief in yourself can make all the difference.

My journey into the work I do now as a Coach, Therapist and Trainer started with uncovering the "I'm not good enough" limiting belief, and much unravelled from there. It was also at the heart of the massive lack of confidence and low self-esteem that engulfed my childhood, 20's and early 30's.

I will leave you with a quote from a gorgeous book I was PhotoReading today called The Art of Movement by Ken Brower and Deborah Ory:

"Having confidence in yourself will help you become a stronger dancer. It's not about being conceited or worrying about whether you are good enough, but feeling focused and confident about your dancing. This will improve your artistry and presence and help you stand out more. Also, having confidence allows you to take more risks and realise your full potential."

Miriam Miller, New York City Ballet

The quote is about ballet however it could well be about life itself. External support is amazing, and also having faith and confidence in yourself can really next level your sense of wellbeing, ability to step out in faith, and success.

Inner confidence and faith allows you to say: "Yes. I've got this" even when others around you might be in a place of doubt because they don't yet see or know what you see.

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