What is Clubhouse? How Do You Get In & How to Use It

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Depending upon the circles you move in, Clubhouse is the word on everyone’s lips. Apparently even Oprah has been seen roaming the virtual corridors.

Whose In The Club?

There are four main social categories:

  1. The personally invited few already been admitted into the Club who now roam the virtual corridor looking for interesting rooms and clubs.
  2. Others who have put themselves on the guest list and now wait with bated breath for someone to vouch them in.
  3. Those who see it as a fad and have little or no interest in adding another social media app to their lives.
  4. People who are oblivious and have no idea it even exists.

How Do You Get In?

Clubhouse is invitation only, and invites are limited. When you join you get one invitation to give away. As you become more active you are issued 2 or 3 more; For those in my Membership Group, if after reading this Blog it sounds like your cup of tea, details are at the end of this Blog if you would like my one of my 3 invites.

What is Clubhouse?

Everything you need to know about Clubhouse in its infancy is in the video below. I also included screenshots.

What is Clubhouse and How Do You Get In?

Clubhouse a Nutshell

First thing to do is set up your Bio. You can say as little or as much as you like. I’m still playing with mine and changing it.

Your Clubhouse Biography

Add Your Twitter and Instagram Links

Connect Your Social Media Links to Clubhouse

There’s no messaging facility within Clubhouse, so be sure to link up your Twitter and Instagram accounts, so people can DM (direct message) you.

Entering a Clubhouse Room

When you enter a room, unless you’ve been invited in as a Speaker, you arrive muted and listen to the conversation from the audience.

The room will have one or more Moderators, identified by the green star.

If you’re invited up onto the stage you arrive unmuted, so the first thing to do is mute your microphone, located bottom right of your screen. This is so you don’t interrupt the person speaking.

The Clubhouse Room

Feel the etiquette of the room; for the majority I’ve been in, the Moderator invites the next person in line to speak.

The ‘Leave Quietly’ button is so you can do as it says on the tin, and quietly slip out without making a scene if you have to leave the conversation.

There’s more information in the video above which gives you a better look around.

Choose Your Topic

You can start an impromptu room or schedule a discussion.

Marilyn Devonish Clubhouse Room

When you’re Moderating a room you have a green dot, and can invite audience members up to the stage.

The Clubhouse Moderator Green Star

Forthcoming Clubhouse Rooms

There’s a list of topics I will cover. A few days ago I ran Fearless Public Speaking Q&A. Last night, Friday 8th January 2021, I ran Building Your Confidence & Self Esteem.

This weekend I might run a Huna and Ho’oponopono Q&A while the 40% offer is on for my 1-Day On-Demand Video Webinar Workshop*, and next week I’m looking at running Rooms on How to Supercharge Your Brain, Increasing Productivity, Remote Working Tips, and Energy & Mindset Hacks.

I‘ve got more information to add to this Blog, and I’ll share the experience of my first few weeks on the platform, so save or bookmark this page if you’re planning to join the club and want to make the most of it.

Marilyn Devonish

Flexible Working Implementation Consultant since 2003, Mental Health First Aid Trainer & The NeuroSuccess Coach

*It is 50% off this weekend for those on my eNewsletter list.

Do You Want Entry Into the Club?

It’s a little like to Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.

Do you want an invitation into the Club?

If you are in my Online Membership Group, who are also in my mobile phone; which means you most likely also a TranceFormation Program client, and like the sound of what you’ve read, I have one invitation to use. Drop a note in the Facebook Membership Group, or email me.


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